Cactus flower

3 Aug, '07
Cactus flower

Cactus flower, originally uploaded by malyousif.

I got this cactus with a bunch of others for my birthday last year from my wife and kids. I am glad to report that all of them survived and are doing well enough. This one in particular gave me he most cause for concern as it shrunk since I transplanted it from its pot into the ground, but I noticed earlier in the week that it had a couple of buds, and happily one of them has opened. It is rather pretty I think and it makes me really happy!

Have a wonderful Friday my friends.

Update 070917: found the name, it’s called the Ferocactus latispinus. It’s common name is much more memorable: Devil’s tongue barrel!

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  1. Butterfly says:

    Beautiful and amazing colours.

  2. barry says:

    Very nice, Mahmood. Despite all of the thorns, it’s giving you a lot of beauty ah? πŸ™‚

    Cactus flowers are one of my most favorite flowers because of how different they can be. They can be small minute things, to huge foot wide flowers.

    Epiphyllum ‘Argentina’:

    Cereus peruvianus:

    Cleistocactus strausii:

  3. mahmood says:

    Oh I agree, they are quite unique and almost always as delicate looking as the plant is fierce!

    Any idea what that one there above is called perchance?

  4. barry says:

    One of the more magical things about some cactus is how ephemeral the flowers are. Night blooming Cereus flowers open in one night, and close by the next morning. They are huge flowers for such a thin and small plant.

    Hard to say what yours is. I love cactus, but they can be hard to identify without prior experience, especially since the flowers tend to have the same look (Cactus are considered a relatively recently evolved type of plant). Some forms are pretty easy: flat pads are obviously opuntia, tall branched cactus with huge trunks in the American Southwest are obviously Saguaro. This one, I’m not so sure about.

  5. mdc says:

    Ah ha! :mrgreen: Mahmood has stumped our resident green thumb expert. 😯 tsk, tsk, Barry. You know what your assignment for the weekend is, right?

    Cactus are some of the more interesting plants with their vibrant and colorful blooms. My kids would always pick out a cactus when they were little thinking how cool it was with all the spikes and all. In no time at all, they would remark on the beauty of the blossoms from such an unattractive plant thus giving me another opportunity to do the old can’t judge a book routine with them.

    The Friday video really struck me today for the variety of plants, trees and flowers you have Mahmood. I admit I am jealous and pretty put out being stuck with some hosta and roses, marigolds and maple trees.

  6. mahmood says:

    Thanks again MDC!

    Barry, would this help? There are more in my Flickr stream uploaded earlier this morning:

    Cactus flower

  7. barry says:

    Thaaaaaaaaaaaaanks MDC, now you have challenged me. Had this been Feudal Japan, I’d have pulled out my sword and prepared to fight you :D. Anyway, if I knew what every plant was, I’d be getting paid as a horticulturalist!

    I’m still looking, but what it *is* reminscent of is Myrtillocactus. I had one of these myself (until a bad freeze killed it). The tibs were prominent, and the spines were set with several smaller spines around a larger central spine.

  8. mdc says:

    Barry, you are so easy! πŸ˜›

    While you are at it find me some annuals that will survive the summer in pots in the Northeast in direct sunlight. Right now even my marigolds are fried. I am not kidding even though I water twice a day and move them out of the sun. I could stand the wilting, but the frying breaks my heart. Whatever it is has to go from mid 30’s temp in May and survive 90’s in August all day long.

    I’m figuring a California boy will know the answer right off the top of his head, and while you may not be a paid horticulturalist, you do have your reputation to consider. πŸ™„



  9. Yvonne Dettwyler says:

    your cacti flourish, sprout masses of flowers.
    You deserve all the praise of the other gardeners.
    Really, really gorgious. Tried finding the name you seek in my cacti book, failed regrettably. Thanks for the dogs, the Mhyna ?, the frogs and your parakeet and the garden dwarf. What a pleasure.

  10. Yvonne Dettwyler says:

    A solution may be answering you querie: Why not send your pic to Kew Gardens? They the experts. Try, best of luck

  11. mahmood says:

    That’s a good idea! I’ll inundate them if they do id plants free of charge! πŸ˜‰

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