The family’s back

16 Aug, '07

and how would I know this other than seeing them once in a while?

Batelco confirmed it in a lovely SMS to me at lunch!

Batelco SMS informing me that I shall return to the dark ages for two weeks until they reestablish my connection speed

Thus, our household is banished – thanks to Arif and Batelco – to the dark ages for another two weeks until the new billing cycle commences.

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  1. Capt. Arab says:

    Abu-Arif… Don’t worry you are not alone, my three boys whoop-axe my bandwidth by the 11th of every month, and they all blame each-other.

  2. Anon2 says:

    Arghhhh that dreadful SMS! Is it just me or do you also get a sense of reproval from the wording of the SMS? They couldn’t word the message more politely with the likes of “regrettably”

  3. cookie says:

    wooho turtle power speed net

    my father receive one every month but he don’t know how to open the message 😕

  4. underthepalmtree says:

    Cookie, you make me laugh….

    Mahmood, what in the world did we do without: mobiles, computers, answering machines, ATM cards (thats a big one), credit and debit cards most everywhere accepted, dishwashers (in Bahrain its called a housemade), electric garage openers, IPOD’s, DVD’s, I-PHONE’s….weedwackers…just to name a few. Mahmood, I am only a few years younger than you and ALL of those things were invented in my lifetime.

    But getting cut off from my mobile, I would give up everything (maybe except my computer, no actually not) to keep my mobile working.

    Think of this as a peaceful time to do alot of meditating when you are not hearing that ring-ring-ring! 😛

    Have a great evening!

  5. Ouch!! Shall I lend you some 🙄

  6. Ammar says:

    we hate you batelco, haaaaaaaaattttteeeee, A yoooooouuuuuuuuuuuu

  7. Abu Arron says:


  8. Mahmood

    Perhaps this is overly simplistic but what is the big deal about providing unlimited and FAST Internet in Bahrain like we have in the US. (I pay less than 50 us (17 bd) for blazing fast broadband internet.) Thanks for any forsight.

  9. Dude says:

    hmm mahmood, let me guess, world of warcraft?

  10. lorena says:

    Sorry to hear that ya Mahmood .. hubby was asking me today Lorena you still dowlanding ???? 👿 with a a crapy face LOL he told me today Lorena is the bill come higer you will pay with you alawnce ! then my face was the crepy one!

  11. hameed says:

    You should probably join lightspeed once they sort themselves out

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