17 Aug, '07

Bougainvillea, originally uploaded by malyousif.

It’s Friday again?

I can’t believe the days are going by so fast. Soon it will be New Year all over again. But until then, have a wonderful Friday my friends.

Due to the bandwidth limitation I have to contend with at home, I’m not sure whether I will be able to upload the slideshow this morning, but I’ll give it a go and see if it could be done before next Friday!

Have a lovely and peaceful weekend.

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  1. lorena says:

    Thats a super nice picture I love them in all colors !

  2. um naief says:

    so beautiful.

    i long for ours to have that beauty. how do you keep the leaves from getting dry and crispy? is it your watering system? and mentioning that, how did you get around the water pressure issues? did you do it yourself or have it put in?

  3. mahmood says:

    I realised that the most important thing for a lush garden is a good watering regime and there is no way for that to happen if it doesn’t have a proper and separate water system. So the first thing I did was install a 2,500 gallon tank, a sprinkler system, a drip system and taps distributed around the garden supplied from that tank, but the system is powered by two water pumps; one for the automatic irrigation and another for the taps.

    Once you have such a system in place (computers never forget to water the garden!) then you are well on the way to having a nice garden.

    Having a separate tank also gives you the chance to fertilise the garden too! Every 6 weeks I dissolve fertiliser granules just before the drip time and get all the borders done, then I dissolve the 2nd batch for the sprinklers to feed the lawn.

    To get over the rather limited municipal line pressure, I installed a small 250 gallon tank at the muni line entrance into the house and get it to fill up that tank, a small 1/2HP pump then sends it at pressure to the main tanks. As the main tanks are over 100 feet away, without this arrangement water barely reaches them.

    It’s all in the water. Invest in it a little and you will be saved an awful lot of headaches in the future.

  4. Abdulkarim says:

    Was that black bird a crow? Weren’t you supposed to kill it? Perhaps you did not know that there is a prize to anybody who hands over a dead crow!

  5. mahmood says:

    Nope, it was a Mynah.

  6. Abdulkarim says:

    Thank you Mahmood for the link. I did not know what Mynah was. I can only hope you get more of these lovely birds and others into your pretty garden. I also hope nobody would take note of the crow prize and would not kill any. I love black birds myself though I hear crows are simply flying thugs.

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