24 Aug, '07

Toadstools, originally uploaded by malyousif.

I think these little things can really enhance gardens. I’m now always on the lookout for simple things that I can add at various places in the garden and around the house to make it look even nicer than what it is currently.

I dedicate this image to my lovely wife Frances who is celebrating her birthday today!

As such I won’t have time to do the usual slideshow, I hope to compensate you with a good one next week.

Have a wonderful Friday my friends, I hope you have a very happy and peaceful weekend.

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  1. Sous says:

    I hope you will pass my birthday wishes on to your wife. Happy birthday Frances! I hope you will have a great day. I don’t know how you can have such a green garden. I haven’t seen any place like that here yet 🙂 . Keep up the watering!

  2. underthepalmtree says:

    Good health and much happiness to your wife in the coming year!!! 🙂

  3. Happy birthday Frances! I wouldn’t settle for toadstools.. if I were her. I would go to a jewelery store and go bananas!

  4. ash says:

    A belated “happy birthday” to your wife!

    Probably a stupid question but do you get real toadstools/mushrooms growing in the wild of Bahrain or is it too dry for them there? (I’m sort of a fungus nerd, in addition to being a crow nerd and a jurassic plants nerd …).

  5. um naief says:

    I hope Frances had a wonderful birthday! Tell her Happy Birthday for me!!

    I agree… I think little things like this really enhance gardens and the yard. I like to find unusual things for such myself. It’s nice to see that Bahrain is bringing more things like this onto the island… I look forward to the day that our yard can be enhanced by such! One day…. 😕

  6. mahmood says:

    I bought these in Saudi actually um naief, from Sultan Garden Centre in Khobar to be exact. Shall I grab you a few when I’m there next?

    No idea Ash, unfortunately my limited expertise does not extend that far.

  7. Ali J says:

    Mushrooms do grow wild in Bahrain. I found a few today growing in my beach garden in Amwaj. I will get some photos uploaded for you. They are small about 10 to 12mm across and I have a couple of dozen growing in a grassy clump next to my palm tree.

    • mahmood says:

      Yes I get them in mine sometimes too. I actually found some growing on an indoor plant’s pot I purchased recently!

      I’ve seen huge ones under the “Riffa Views’ Tree of Life” on the 15th fairway actually. I should’ve taken some pictures.

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