Destination unknown

3 Sep, '07

This post might not be safe for work or for those under 18Of course it’s bloody well unknown if you watch this kind of video on a MTV while you’re already killing yourself on an elliptical cross-trainer from hell with a pulse monitor to boot.

Is it any wonder that my pulse jumped from 145 to over 160 bpms?

This was what was playing that early in the morning on MTV (not this Mtv mind you) and with the prevalence of satellite subscription in our homes, I am left aghast when confronted with this crap!

What is it, music can’t exist without showing an inordinate amount of flesh now? I know I sound like an old fogey here but I am really surprised that the situation descended to this level and as it has, I can guarantee you that it will descend even further. The days of using sexual innuendos to sell songs are over, my friends. Please welcome the era of all out sexual acts on public television screens to sell records!

Had that channel been marked as 18+ I wouldn’t mind one bit, but come on this is now simply ridiculous don’t you think?

The following video might not be safe for work or those under 18.

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  1. can we talk says:

    well if the song was any good, all this wouldnt be necessary, methinks…

  2. dibujante says:

    fits pretty well for st. Patrick’s day …j/j

    man this is nothing, once i saw a topless RnB videoclip .. i think its legal to show this stuff at late “CET” night for European channels

  3. Mahmood, have you watched Mazzika lately?

    the Arabs are doing much more than that, and the problem is that its what generates more money, yes Money, thats what these channels are all about.

  4. barry says:

    A lot of dance music videos are like that, which is funny, because the videos are rarely seen in the clubs, unless it’s a video bar (which I believe is what those are intended for – bars for adults). If you want to see scandalous, take a look at this one:

    I am no prude, and neither are my friends, but we absolutely could not believe that video when we saw it.

    However, here’s the original video for the song (not safe for work or children under 18):

    The original is creepy and strange.

  5. barry says:

    Oops, the “not safe for work” label should go after the “If you want to see scandalous…” line ;). Sorry, can’t edit here!

  6. Jaffar says:

    I frown upon the “music” of our times..

  7. barry says:

    Jaffar: People used to say that about ragtime and jazz 😉

  8. Yacoub says:

    I’ve given up on both Arabic and English music altogether, music has become so cheap in taste it’s horrendous.

    Whenever I want to watch music vids I put on Rotana Tarab to see old Abdulhaleem songs

    gone are the days of cool meaningful music vids that stick in your head, now with all the flesh and softcore porn it’s more d**k in your hand

  9. Ali M. says:

    yes its true.. it has gone that far/low however ud like to see it.
    its usually House music videos that they call sexy videos. just check out the ministry of sound website and ull see an abundance of these vids. this music is USUALLY directed to an older club going crowd so thats how they get away with it.

    i dont know wat to think anymore :::confused:::

  10. says:

    music becomes more and more tastless as you get older, so the older people always consider music was better when they were younger, and so on. Todays youth will probably consider this real music as compared to 20 years from now

  11. says:

    as for the whole sexuality in videos issue; what can i say, sex sells, people buy… its the demand that supports the product

  12. wooooooooo, stop right there guy, Music is still good if your looking for music, whast gone CoCo are the Music vedios.

  13. abu arron says:

    But you can’t help but appreciate a nice pair of cymbals 😛

  14. Thin Border says:


  15. says:

    you have to admit though, eyad, there is a huge pile of rubbish out there…

  16. Anonny says:

    Barry, what will they say that about in the future? 🙂

  17. AbuRasool says:

    What is it, music can’t exist without showing an inordinate amount of flesh now?

    You are getting old, Mahmood!

  18. mahmood says:

    Indeed, and I wholeheartedly welcome it!

    Now where did I put that Pink Floyd vinyl?! 😛

  19. Bedoon Esam says:

    Mahmood you want good music you got it….

    Go to the link above tolerate the first 60 seconds

    after that you will hear the best tribute ever to the EAGLES – HOTEL CALIFORNIA.

    Enjoy cheers………

  20. mahmood says:

    oooh, that’s what I call REAL music, thanks mate!

  21. underthepalmtree says:

    Those women are nothing better than prostitutes.

    The thing I always wonder when I see people exploiting themselves is, “what would there mothers think”? It would break my heart and I would feel like a total failure if my daughter displayed themselves like that.

  22. Salman says:

    This is how the west gives women rights and freedoms that Islam does not provide to them.

  23. says:

    well, thats how they make their money…. again, where theres demand, the people will go…

  24. mahmood says:

    Oh yes of course Salman, Islam and Muslims are MUCH better, aren’t they?

    Salman, permit me to say that you’re an asshole who can’t see beyond your own nose.

  25. barry says:

    All I can say is, consumerism is a two way street. I really don’t see much of a difference between the videos back in the 1980’s and today. .

    Personally, I really don’t care what people do with themselves. If I don’t like what they do, I change the channel or go elsehwere. One of my favorite bands sums up how I view most people who have a “proper” attitude and despise these sorts of videos/shows/music:

    “You’re insulted, You can’t be bought or sold. Translation: offer too low.”

    In other words, most people have a price, you just have to find the right one to get them to exploit themselves. Cynical? Sure.

    Musically, I can go from Aimee Mann (‘Save Me’ – from the movie Magnolia):

    One of the best videos *i’ve* seen, and absolutely heartbreaking.

    To ‘Song for The Deaf’ by Queens of The Stone Age:

  26. barry says:

    Salman: people are people. The “religious” just hide their perversions more than the secular.

  27. Salman says:

    Mahmood, thank you very much for the insult. Just shows how mature you are 🙂

    Maybe some day you will grow up. Inshalla some day you do.

  28. mahmood says:

    I don’t need any lessons in maturity from morons, thanks very much. You, on the other hand can use some lessons from everyone just to understand not to generalise and use your Islam as a stick to beat every single issue with, especially if the issue at hand and your aggrandisement of Islam and Muslims rests on extremely unstable grounds.

    You have my permission to start sulking now.

  29. Salman says:

    OK Mahmood, calm down, why are you getting worked up? Never knew anyone who takes things so personally. Or who is so full of himself. Oh well, i guess there is always one that stands out.

  30. Lynn says:

    “OK Mahmood, calm down, why are you getting worked up? Never knew anyone who takes things so personally”

    LOL That,I think, is one of the funniest things I ever heard come from an Islamist! LOL I wonder what Salmans reaction to the ‘cartoons’ were?

  31. Salman says:

    Lynn, it is wrong to judge people you do not know. I am no Islamist 😉

    The cartoons did not bother me one bit. Why should they? You think i lack confidence in my beliefs of what kind of a person the Prophet Mohammed was that cartoons would shake me? They can say whatever they want about him. If someone believes in something, and truly does believe in it, no one will change the way they feel or think about it.

    Only those with weak beliefs do 😉

  32. Qatar Cat says:

    Salman, how did West vs. Islam issue even crossed your mind considering the original video Mahmood posted?

    And yes, Western women do have an option of performing the way these girls did and not fear persecution of any kind, which is more than I can say about Muslim girls in most Muslim countries. So yeah, it is freedom in a way. Just a stupid exercise of it.

  33. Lynn says:

    So sorry Salman, it’s just that Islamists are usually the ones that make those snide comments about women’s rights in the ‘West’. Then there was the comment on the last post about Mahmood not watching the Islamic calendar when he said he didn’t know about the Nasfah happenings that were going on. But, you are right, I don’t know you and I could be very wrong in thinking that you judge people based on their religious beliefs. Mea Culpa

  34. mahmood says:

    Lynn, ask Salman where he currently resides. Maybe that will shed some light on the issue?

  35. Lynn says:

    Hey Salman,
    Where do you live? Where were you born? Have you ever lived anywhere else?

  36. Salman says:


    I asked Mahmood if he didn’t follow up on the Islamic calendar, because most older people do, or know the dates by heart. Its hard not to notice that it is coming up, because a week before it takes place, the whole of Bahrain begins decorating their neighborhoods with lights and colored cloth all over the place. And this is a yearly occasion which is the biggest of its kind, its a bit hard to believe some one would not remember it coming up. I am sure Mahmood as a child was taken by his father to participate in the Nasfah and collect sweets. I personally don’t know the dates of most of the events, but i do know some of the major ones. I was not accusing him of lacking knowledge in Islam 😉

  37. mahmood says:

    At least you weren’t accusing me of being a hypocrite living in the heart of the West (London for instance) and going on about their decadence, did you? That’s a good boy. Thanks. I am relieved.

    As for the Nasfah thing, I am disappointed in your lack of English language knowledge and its particular nuances, because if you did know it better, you would have reached a wholly different conclusion. Alas, you’re not interested in that nor for giving the benefit of the doubt.

    Carry on with using your smilies, they certainly give your absence of intellect and vocabulary a good excuse.

  38. Shaima says:

    Islam or not Islam, all religions carry more or less the same principles of morality. They are the ones that “organised” human-human relations in a way or in another.

    A person is not judged from the religion he/she follow (including atheism), but his/her behaviour, actions, respect of others and being trust worthy.

  39. Salman says:

    Sorry Mr. Shakespeare, i might not speak eloquent English such as yourself, because it is the least of my interest. But, i do not try to claim that i am the sharpest shed in the tool. I am flawed, for i am merely human. And i admit my flaws. Yet, do you?

  40. mahmood says:

    But, i do not try to claim that i am the sharpest shed in the tool.

    You made my day, thank you!! heheheheee!

    And i admit my flaws.

    Oooh, let’s list them shall we, that should be a lot of fun!

    Salman, you’re essentially a good person. Very much confused I know, but hopefully time and experience will take care of that. Until then, I would advise you to keep your ears open and your brain engaged. That will do you no end of good.

  41. Salman says:

    Thats fine Mahmood, i would rather have my flaws pointed out so i may correct them. Rather than deny them.

  42. Lynn says:

    Mahmood, what age do you have to be before you start following the Islamic calendar? How would you know it by heart? Doesn’t it change all the time? How are you old people with slipping memories supposed to be able to do that? Would your father have taken you out to collect sweets when you were a kid? You are old, you know. Didn’t you say that this was kind of a new thing or was the new part just how ‘done up’ things have gotten?

  43. mdc says:

    “You are old, you know.” 😯

    I might have a spare cane or walker hanging around if you need it, Mahmood. Sorry, Lynn. It just struck me as funny; because if Mahmood is old, I’m ancient even though my mind says I’m still 20….er, make that 30.

  44. victoria says:

    I Must admit mahmood and Salman I do enjoy the jolly ole banter… but just to get back to the original point that mahmood brought up which i think is a very important one , I worry most about the affect videos like these have on our kids !. Imagine a 10 year old girl switching onto this channel by mistake , maybe mum is working and can´t supervise when she gets home from school .- What would the effect be on her new developing idea of what feminity should be … To use your body to manipulate and entice to get what she wants ?..

    Or how about a 15 year old teenage boy..?. Would this help him exercise respect toward his girlfriend when he is out on a first date with his head full of such images… MTV should be made to take responsibility for what they screen …No company should be allowed to profit from damaging young people . People should exercise their disapproval by refusing to subcribe to it… only then will the pinch in their pocket force them clean up their act.

  45. mahmood says:

    I completely agree Victoria. My worry is that people at that impressionable age would take these images and situations to be “normal” and think nothing of emulating them. “They’re on TV aren’t they, they must be okay.”

    At the very least they should have a parental warning so that parents could get a chance to explain that this is in fact not okay.

    I’ve been thinking a lot more about these kind of images on TV etc and can’t help but hypothesize that the increase in youth drug culture – particularly “soft” or “recreational” drugs is due to movies, songs and video clips condoning and encouraging their use. I can’t begin to tell you the stories I heard that happen within the young teenage circles in schools, government and private which truly alarm me.

    I’m not sure that banning these channels is the answer, but as you rightly suggest, making them responsible for what they broadcast might be the way to go, and that could be done by writing to their advertisers expressing our strong disagreement to some of their broadcasts.

  46. khalil alhaiki says:

    victorea 2 thumps up

  47. Lynn says:

    mde, I was only teasing about him being old because Salman thought ‘older people’ followed the Islamic calendar better. BTW, I might have use for that spare walker of yours myself very soon!

    As far as those videos are concerned, there is nothing better than parental controls and dialog. MTV was frowned upon in my house (as were violent shows) and my kids did not watch it. I remember one morning when Brittany Spears was on a morning show performing a song while my children were eating breakfast before school. We weren’t really ‘watching’ as we were busy with the usual morning rush but then my daughter, who was probably about 10 years old (all the girls her age loved Brittany Spears then) says ‘She sure is a bad role model’ I remember thinking ‘Dang! where’d that come from?’ I remember this same child at around age 5 quickly flicking the TV station off of a cartoon because there were armed penguins guarding other cartoon characters. So, I guess if you raise your children to recognize garbage for what it is you don’t have to worry so much about it. Then again, this child is so conservative that prude doesn’t even begin to describe her. Is it wrong that I would love nothing more than for her to lighten up and have a good stiff drink? LOL

  48. Aliandra says:

    It just shows how much the garbage is oozing into the mainstream. The producers like to say that entertainment just reflects the society. But it’s more a thing of using shock tactics to get attention. The consequence is that people get desensitized to bad behavior.

    Parents really must have a difficult time of it all, coming as it is from every corner these days.

  49. Naz says:

    well.. the song wasnt meant for kids in the first place..
    and i agree with ammar, sex sells, so thats wat people will do to sell..

  50. mdc says:

    Sex does sell; it always has since the beginning of time. Nothing new there, but perhaps the difference is the exposure of our young people to this stuff at an earlier age has changed drastically in the last 40 or so years both because of the movies and now the net. Even with all the warning letters/labels on the TV and movies these days, it gets confusing and people tend to be desensitized to even that after a while.

    The genie has been out of the bottle for a long time, and good communications with your kids is the best way for them to keep things in prospective. Kids are a lot smarter about this stuff than we give them credit for.


    Let me know when you need the walker, and no drinks for that great kid you raised. I have one like that that made it through 4 years of high school with great grades, goals, being popular, sports and all that stuff, and bravely told his classmates that he didn’t party and they still liked and accepted him. Gotta love them. Of course, another one made up for his brother; oh well. 🙄

  51. victoria says:


    I agree that good communication with ones kids will equip them at least to discern appropriate behaviour and I´m glad to read that Lynn has done such a good job raising her daughter as she can really be proud of her . However my concern is not for the kids who are getting good role modelling but those , and there are many, who are not! . They fall prey to this kind of abuse… And it is abuse when MTV allow such images uncensored to be beemed into homes regardless of who may be affected by it. It is true that this kind of influence on our kids is much more pronounced today then 40 years ago and that is why some of the social ills we see today are becoming epedemic.. Kids are learning that life is cheap, sex is cheap and gets you what you want , and commitment and monogomy are just not cool !!!

    Mahmood is right that banning such things might not be the solution and one cant legislate morality either but governments have to accept that pornography even in the softer varieties does have a knock on affect on the stability of society in general. Like drugs porn is addictive and can lead addicts to all sorts of odd behaviour. Just as we need to educate and protect kids from drugs likewise we must educate and protect them against porn that is disguised as a music video.

    I see no difference in the pusher spiking sweets and handing them out for free to school kids to get them addicted so they´ll come back for more and soft porn pushers luring kids in to sample their wares under the guise of entertainment…..

  52. voyer says:

    tolerate the first 60 seconds
    after best tribute ever to the EAGLES – HOTEL CALIFORNIA

    Bedoon Esam. Classic my dear.. excellent sniff out that was, well done, very tickling! Getting right back to the original thread. It started with music video debauchery and totally out of control decadence, can we assume aimed at who? Men? We ended up with all the religious cack again. ‘Denial’ is a word so liberally applied to almost everything these days. Suffice to say; ‘theyz just as horny round De Nile, if not more, as they is in Bangkok or New York’. Better to be out in the open and criticize or placate than stone suspects to death or lock ’em up because of their own sick obsessed frustrations. Meanwhile, I found the ‘Destination Unknown” video detestable, but aren’t ‘de-testables de nicest bits’ for us fairer sex

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