Friday Slideshow – 7 Sept, ’07

8 Sep, '07

A day late is better than never I guess. I was convinced I could compress it more, but unfortunately I couldn’t. It’s higher than what YouTube allows (it’s about 109MB) and I don’t have time to play some more with settings at the moment (but I will later) so enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!


Update 9 Sept, ’07: I have recompressed the movie into Flash and it’s now 36.5MB, about a third of what was originally posted. The quality suffered a bit but it’s good enough as it is. If you want the higher res movie let me know and I’ll make it available to you to download for your private viewing pleasure.

YouTube masticated version here (lower res).


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  1. Ralph Boyd says:

    Beautiful Pictures, I have high speed internet (14.3mbps) and it took 20 min. to download but like all of what you give us, it was worth the wait. Thank you so much for sharing your world with us. You make all of us better people with your words and pictures.

  2. einar says:

    Very nice (moving) pictures!

    Btw; supports up to 1080P, and 1GB+ (?) filesizes… If you’re curious as to how Youtube will look like in 24-36 months time, check them out! (Though I’m not sure if they allow embedding?)

  3. mdc says:

    Been away again, but I sure enjoy watching the Friday video whenever I come back. Was that Filbert up on the roof? Did you train him to “groom” the roof for you or is he just earning his keep?

    Terrific as aways, Mahmood, and even though I love fall in New England, your video makes me wish the summer could last a little longer this year. Thanks.

  4. mahmood says:

    Thank you all.

    Einar, thanks for the link. The site looks really interesting and I shall have a better look at it tomorrow.

    MDC, no, Filbert was safe and sound in the house. This was another pair that has been cleaning the eves in preparation for a new brood I guess. We have another pair on the other side of the house so come spring we should have a lot more Filberts around the house. Just imaging the number of pictures I can take of that eventuality!

    Ralph thank you very much for you kind words and I envy your real broadband connection which we here can only dream of.

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