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10 Sep, '07

You will probably agree with me when I say that if a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a few hundred thousand then a cartoon surpasses all of that and through it you can deal with political and social situations that no paper (or blog!) would dare tackle. Hence, we find that a lot of people the world over head to the daily political cartoon in their favourite newspaper first before even bothering to read the front-page headlines.

One daily cartoon that I enjoy is Hamad Al-Gayeb‘s. Hamad is the daily cartoonist at Al-Wasat newspaper. I have actually featured some of his cartoons on this blog previously as I found them quite apt for the occasion.

Hamad has now produced his second cartoon book (and probably his first eBook) and with his permission, I offer it here for your download and viewing pleasure. You will be happy to note that he comments on each cartoon in English too.

You can also find more about the artist as well as his contact information on his own site at http://hamadcartoon.com.

Hamad Al-Gayeb cartoons
Click the picture to start downloading his eBook (pdf 2.6MB)

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