Pulling Teeth

16 Sep, '07


Pulling Teeth

I’m off in a few minutes to a “specialist” to pull two of my teeth. Molars. And that brings the total I have been made to part with to five.

I won’t bore you with the details, suffice it to say that one of those already had been root canalled and crowned. How the infection got to go under the tooth is anyone’s guess. Well, I’ll save you that trouble too and blame the bloody dentists (yes more than one) who played rugby in my mouth and only got the bloody crown to “fit” on the third attempt. And even then it wasn’t done properly. The tooth next to it – in sympathy I guess – developed a crater that is not worth re-fixing again.

The suggestion I got this morning was to go the implant route. I’m not very sure of that at the moment, but for tonight I just want the bloody things out.

Have a good evening.

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  1. Redbelt says:

    Salamat Mahmood.
    Better take care of these teeth now.

  2. Ali says:

    Salamat Mahmood. I had a molar implant done 6 months ago after a botched root canal… I highly recommend it. e-mail me if you wanna know who did the procedure or any other details.

  3. Hunyadi Janos says:

    Mahmood, it is a dentist problem my friend. Talk to other doctors to get a recommendation for another dentist, and get a checkup every 6 months with scaling. And make sure that you use a good fluoridated toothpaste. Your situation speaks very badly of the dentist. If it is possible, try to take a day or two, I know it may hurt like hell, but make an effort to pick a good one right away. Sometimes teeth can be saved although they may hurt a lot. The pain just means that a cavity/infection penetrated all the way to the nerve all the way to the cavity within the normal tooth. That cavity goes fairly high up, so it is possible that you do not need to have it pulled. I hope that you can save them.

  4. lorena says:

    Sorry to heard that … you dont know what happend to my last week .. i wasent sure to post it but i will .. you will be choked! I know what is like to have a pain in your mouth …. I hope you better today inshaallah

  5. Ibn says:

    Ouch Mahmood!

    I hate dentists!

    A couple months back a molar of mine started hurting. I hypothesized it was because it wanted to come out. A trip to the dentist confirmed this. X-ray and all.

    And all this happened during final exams! Stupid tooth! It was quiet for all those years but just had to act up during the last weeks of finals. 🙄

    The dentist told me I ‘had’ to get it removed. I asked why I ‘had’ to get it removed, and he didnt convince me. A couple weeks later the pain stopped, and when I looked at it, it had completely come out normally! haha.


  6. Ibn says:

    *Correction, I actually meant to say one of my windom teeth, not molars. 😀


  7. mahmood says:

    Thanks for your sympathies my friends. Both teeth are OUT! My head felt like a punching bag after I was done with, which was rather unpleasant.

    We decided that as a surgical procedure was going to be done anyway (he had to cut and drill one tooth out, the other – which was the main cause – was pulled out without much ado. It seems the infection surrounding it eased the process a bit) he told us to consider implants “which is a relatively easy procedure.” Why doctors and dentists continue to just describe such a painful and traumatic must be because they are born masochists.

    This doctor – Ghassan Dhaif – came highly recommended, he implanted 5 teeth in a dental hygienist! If she allowed him to come close to her mouth that many times then he must be above board!


    Anyway, they’re out now and the implant rods are screwed in, the worst part is seeing a guy using a ratchet IN your mouth! Let alone the inch-long fat drill he uses to drill into your skull.

    Now I’m nursing a hurt jaw, 10 stitches, and a general feeling of, well, being punched around rather severely.

    I’m not supposed to have coffee, tea or any other hot drink for a couple of days, that’s really really bad. I could survive by masticating the food on the other side which already has a tooth out too.

    Back to baby food for a couple of days I think.

  8. Shaima says:

    ما تشوف شر

  9. ammaro.com says:

    salamaat mahmood! and thanks for a beautiful image. lovely. my teeth hurt now just thinking about it.

  10. Abu Arron says:

    And do NOT eat anything requiring a good bite (i.e. corn on the cob)!! You need to let them settle. Dr Hussain at AMH told me to only eat things like soup for 24 hours to let the ‘roots’ settle and it worked out just right. Not a problem since.

    Good luck with your new teeth.

  11. Kiwi Nomad says:

    I broke a molar which had previously been root canaled, and am now going through the same process to get an implant. Expensive process though – what did Dr Ghassan charge? Can anyone recommend Dr Hassain at AMH?

  12. mahmood says:

    It’s BD700 per tooth and that includes almost everything. If it needs bone grafting etc it might cost more.

    My wife – who was a dental assistant for many years – thought highly of him (but not his assistant) and I must say that I am too. I thought that I would be under the weather for a few days judging by how I felt last night, but I can tell you after putting an ice-pack on my face last night, taking the pills etc, I had a good night sleep and there is hardly any swelling on my face so far.

    So much so that I actually went to Saudi this morning and came back at lunch time with only a slight headache by the time I reached the office.

    So far, I would recommend Dr. Ghassan.

  13. A learner of Arabic says:

    My sympathy, Mahmood. I have had five teeth root-canalled and three of them have since been extracted. But the really sad thing about it is, that my mother had always been telling me to brush my teeth, and I was ashamed of admitting that I had had teeth extracted, so I didn’t visit her for a couple of years: I didn’t want to open my mouth and show her that I was missing one canine tooth (if this is the correct term in English). Stupid and childish, I know, but we do sometimes feel stupid and childish about our parents, don’t we? But then, my mother was rather unexpectedly diagnosed with liver cancer and I could only visit her once before she died. 🙁

    So, do visit your parents while they are still there. And do remember to brush your teeth. 🙁

  14. Anonny says:

    Those “Riesen” sweets are evil. The amount of times they’ve pulled my crowns out. The little toffee demons!

  15. A learner of Arabic says:

    Toffee is a toothkiller, always.

  16. underthepalmtree says:

    Oh…tooth pain is the worst.

    You wouldn’t believe what I went through from 2 different dentists that took advantage of me last year. First they crowned #3 molar and did’nt fit the crown properly. This caused pain of course, (me being naive at the time) then without taking an x-ray, did a poory done rootcanal that turned into facial nerve damage which turned into thousands of dollars in physical therapy and cortisone injection shots.

    My best advice is to use an Endodontist in doing any kind of rootcanals. They have in 2 extra years of schooling and training in root canals. That is all they do all day long.

    He saved my tooth, but I went through an entire year of pain and money to fix my situation.

    Be well Mahmood! 🙂

  17. Poster says:

    Is Mahmood (Blogger) a Born Bahraini?

  18. mahmood says:

    Yes I am and proud of it. Feel free to ask any more questions, I am only here to serve. You might also want to peruse the About page which contains other interesting things about me you may find thrilling!

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