On Stage 6

17 Sep, '07

Thanks to einar for suggesting that I should try a new video hosting site called Stage6 and I have and am really happy with the result. The pictures are so clean and crisp and with a resolution that fills a screen quite nicely. Unfortunately; however, I could not embed the videos on this site as the width of the generated video (700 pixels) will break the theme. So what I’ll do is put a keyframe and link to the video on Stage6, like this:

Filbert, on Stage6

This is a short movie I made over the weekend to get more acclimatised with the new camcorder, this time I was messing with all the manual controls. I do like the result. But there is more training (read “fun”) to be had with it.

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  1. Bernie says:

    Really impressive quality and no lag or buffering problems.
    The video loaded really fast.

  2. Panzer says:

    The quality is superb,got yourself some nice kit there.

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