Ramadhan is not made for working, MP says

And he wants to ensure that those who do want to work during the Holy Month don’t get in the way. He will now issue a parliamentary wish backed by those guardians of Islam, the Muslim Brotherhood’s Al-Menbar political bloc, to restrict work hours during Ramadhan to four whole hours! – but only to Muslims. Non Muslims be damned and you should be grateful that you actually run our country for us throughout the year and in Ramadhan in particular. What do you have to complain about?


While you’re doing that, the effervescent MP tells us

people tend to stay up late at night to pray, work or shop for Eid Al Fitr and needed the shorter hours.

The guy is most definitely ultra-prepared, when he thinks that people are busy buying stuff for Eid, which is 26 days away! That’s foresight for you. As to people staying late, watch TV, smoke their lungs out and stuff their gobs, well, what’s so different from normal days is that?

“And I am not saying that that people who fast becomes lazy during Ramadan and all they do is sleep, but a lot of them stay up late.”

Yes, of course you’re not, thank you for the elucidation.

I’m going to file this under “efficiency, work ethics, Mohammed Khalid’s Islam and competitiveness.”

Couldn’t this guy get a job at the EDB? I’m sure he will increase their efficiency no end!

  • Jawaher
    17 September 2007

    Well maybe people shouldn’t stay up late then? I go on about my daily life just fine while fasting and waking up at 3:30 for su7oor…i don’t know why people think that they have to change their lifestyle just because they miss out on a couple of meals! 6 hours of work is good enough. 4 hours is just unnecessary maybe we should just not work at all!

  • keer
    17 September 2007

    u just love making fun of sunis dont u?
    go eat some SAND from iraq maybe that wil fix ur head fucking looser
    dont let me see u inreal life or i swear il hump u infront of every1

  • mahmood
    17 September 2007

    ooh, that’s nice. A very loving fellow Muslim. I wish you a double Ramadhan Kareem!

    As to making fun of Sunnies, I don’t. I do; however, pull up any brainfarts issuing from anyone. This one happens to be a member of parliament, a supposed “shaikh”/cleric who has actually been stopped from preaching and leading Friday prayers by the Ministry of Islamic Affairs and a known sectarian Muslim Brother whose own political party is trying very hard to distance themselves from.

    Any other questions or issues you would like me to address to add to your non-existent education and manners? Please don’t hesitate to ask.

    And empty threats like your don’t scare me. If you are a coward hiding behind an anonymous name and throw threats at me like this, you won’t be man enough to do anything in real life as you would never stand up to your convictions, if there were any that is.

    Now go crawl into the hole you came up from before I come and shove you down it and flush you never to return again.

  • bahrainiac
    17 September 2007

    Lets take it a step further…..MANDATORY HOLIDAY FOR ENTIRE MONTH OF RAMADAN(Applicable only to Muslims though)!!

    Paid holiday of course for all public servants just to be fair. For that matter let’s give the kiddies another month off too!

  • bahrainiac
    17 September 2007

    Keer, you my friend are living scientific proof that an man and camel can copulate and produce offspring!

  • Anon Observer
    17 September 2007

    It really upsets me when I read about those PM’s with their completely irrational, counter-productive, counter-progressive, and counter intuitive ramblings that come out of their sessions. I am embarrassed that my country’s only truly democratic (if we overlook the vote-fixing) executive body shows incompetence after incompetence.

    I would argue that in Bahrain our foremost resource is our people, so how did we end up with the worst specimen in power (in the parliament). How hard could it be to put some competent forward looking people with some sort of education under their belts in power?

    Here’s hope for a brighter future for Bahrain…

    Sorry for straying away from the article a bit, but it had to be said.

    In regards to Keer’s comment: I really hope that you remove that blindfold placed upon your eyes and stop acting childishly. I don’t think anyone in their right mind would consider Mohamed Khalid as a representative of the Sunni sect, he is clearly out of his mind.

  • Ibn
    17 September 2007

    What an idiot.

    The whole point behind fasting from su7or to iftar in Ramadan is so that you actually feel the pain of abstinence, and work to exert more will power to counter the pain. In fact the entire month is for Muslims to hone their will power over the temptations of the flesh.

    Hey I have a better idea. Maybe instead of 4 hours, we should just petition to have work hours moved from 8 PM to 4 AM! That way we can just eat all we want during that time, and simply sleep from su7or to iftar! Go back to our nocturnal mammalian roots!

    God. What retards.


  • Capt. Arab
    17 September 2007

    Ramadan has lost it’s true meaning (sorry to say), it is no longer about the hardships and worship, it has become a month of sleep, eat, and do nothing more useful. Then there are those who read the Quran during working hours (because they could not read it at any other time), and in course their productivity is zero. Try to confront them with this, they get defensive like it was written in the Quran that Muslims should use time (paid for) to worship Allah. Where is hard-work and effort in Ramadan??? All you lazies, time to buckle up and understand Ramadan. As for Mr. Keer, I don’t think he actually fasts for starters… Ramadan Kareem to you Bu-Arif

  • keer
    18 September 2007

    ok come u fat mofo iam waiting for u il send u back to iran in an onion sack hahahAHAHAHAHAHA looool fucking bahraneee

  • voyer
    18 September 2007

    Mahmood, you crack me up. Daily we sit here and read of these great philosophical meanderings emitted from our beloved Parliamentarians and gasp in awe at their wisdom without an utterance of condemnation; until you pop up. The banal issues they prioritize and the uneducated, dark age dung they retort with is classic satire material which they are utterly oblivious to. (Not to mention the good people of Ba7rain who let them get away with it, furthermore continue to happily elect them). Talk about conspiracy theory; perhaps entire Ba7rain is full of brilliantly sophisticated strategists who advocate their progress on ‘the devil you know’ basis, thus safely feel very comfortable in the knowledge that Parliamentarians are magnificently predictable, thus totally insignificant. Hmmm!
    Do you remember earlier this year when a few young boys of eight and eleven years respectively (something like that) were raped by a gang of teenagers in some old cow sheds in Bilad Al Khadeem/Zinj area? In response, the area intrepid Member loudly and lengthily shouted how he totally and absolutely blamed the Government as he; “had warned the government to ‘remove these cow sheds years ago’. The issue of these depraved ‘cowsheds’ and their status dominated the headlines for quite a while. Let’s not get into the mannequin issue or balcony clothes lines, which you have covered here. But always good to have a little reminisce, like the new law; making compulsory ‘one way tinted glass’ to be (being) installed in all new buildings which ‘might house expatriate labour’. The issue arose when some families in somewhere like Muharak (I believe) complained that labourers in the adjacent flats could see into their own living room and it made them uncomfortable. So our intrepid Member, Khahlark Khent, quick to solve the issue; exclaimed; ‘Fit this glass! An idea that was greeted with some enthusiasm until the same Member insisted that the glass be inserted the ‘other way around’, so that the labourers could NOT SEE OUT! I personally did not initially read this report here; I read it in a British magazine and subsequently tracked the original article to the local press here. From there it went around the world on blogs and what nots. Wise King Solomon would have been proud had he through of that. Strapping stuff!

  • Redbelt
    18 September 2007

    just for the record, i am sunni, i take no offence to what mahmood said, nay, i support him.
    and keer, some might have argued your point if you didn’t promise to ‘hump’, which makes discussions with your kind rather useless.
    kudos to you mahmood on bringing up brain farts.
    maybe you need a sperate blog for brain farts! that’s a thought.!

  • reza
    18 September 2007

    to poster #2

    with a name like that I guess urs is in the wrong place

    now don’t let ME c U in public my friend otherwise my(k**r) will end up where da sun don’t shine

  • Yagoob's Dome
    18 September 2007

    Khalid has outdone himself once again, mashalla 3alaih.

    But I wouldn’t mind a shift in working hours though rather than starting at 8 (as most private sector companies start at in ramadan)

    Government should shift to 5 am (yes straight after fajr prayer) till 12 (to dhuhur prayer) because at the moment most government offices completely stop at dhuhur prayer anyways (I have seen employees sleeping or reading quran in the designated mosques in some government buldings after prayer time when they should be back in their offices working!) so why not let them go home to finish up ‘their shopping for iftar and eid alfitr’ and sleep through the afternoon

    اسم على مسمى اللهم اني صائم

  • mahmood
    18 September 2007

    Aramco has the perfect solution; their Ramadhan hours are from 10am to 4pm!

  • Emomo
    18 September 2007

    Ramadan not a month for working? let me laugh.
    Seriously, people misunderstand too much about Ramadan. I hate that some use it as pretext for low productivity. The probleme isn’t in the religious practices (fasting and praying) but the problem is in social beahavours such as staying late night doing nothing and eating too much specific foods. I’m not Islamist but sometimes people do strange and idiot things. It’s not only in Bahrain but also in Morocco and other parts.
    In brief, Ramadan as holiday isn’t a good idea for economy and education especially.

  • Abu Arron
    18 September 2007

    Ignoring the childish (foul-mouthed) rants of Keer, we need to be realistic here.

    The fact is that productivity does suffer during Ramadan. Mostly, all start with good intentions, but by week 2 things start to tail off significantly. By week 3 timekeeping falls apart, mistakes are often made and quality suffers. By week 4, I’ve been in organsiations where it probably would be advisable to shut up shop. I won’t even mention the whole office being disturbed by a young employee snoring in the ladies prayer room. Ooops, I mentioned it!

    However, I cannot condone making Ramadhan a vacation. What next, a public holiday for the GP?! 🙄

  • eyad the great
    18 September 2007

    In todays world the 8 hours we work everyday are in many cases not enough, Ramadhan is a slow month, working only 6 hours is depressing specially that half the staff arrive late due to traffic congestions, and the other half arrives even later, when they wake up that is.

    Mohamed Khaled never failed to boost my anger, I feel ashamed that I fall in the area this Character represents in our Micky mouse Parliament.

  • ammaro.com
    19 September 2007

    yes, lets turn into another saudi. we should just kick this guy out and let him go live there. im sure he’ll be happy.

  • ammaro.com
    19 September 2007

    i know ramadan is slower than the other months, but this is RIDICULOUS. 4 hours?! What the hell are we supposed to achieve in 4 hours? Its not enough that the productivity of the country goes down the drain during this month, now he wants to cut working hours? Look at the bigger picture, you dufus.

    Instead of looking at hardworking economies we should be following, Singapore, Tokyo, New York, he thinks of ways where we should relax even more. Its not enough that things go slow as hell around this country. Bloody hell…

  • One in a Million
    19 September 2007

    It is people like him that give Islam a bad name.
    Ramadan is a holy month. This does not mean that we should sleep all the time and ditch work!
    What type of image of Islam are you trying to portray Khalid! Please stop embarrassing yourself. 🙄

    And is it only me or is it almost time for the MPs to start doing/saying something useful 😡

  • Proud Bahraini
    20 September 2007

    Who would listen to him in the first place?

    4 hours of work!

    Now people work for 8 hours and yet not a thing gets done in 1 day of work, all I want to know is why non Muslims have to work 8 hours while Muslims work for 4? Has he forgotten that there is Bahraini non Muslims, Do we have to make them work for 8 hours just because they are non Muslims?

    So who cares what he says anymore?

  • Abu Arron
    20 September 2007

    Do we have to make them work for 8 hours just because they are non Muslims?

    I presume that’s a rhetorical question!!! 😉

  • Chill out
    22 September 2007

    Before even looking at the guys politics, just look at his face, he reminds me of the evil wizard from lord of the rings. He needs to go see a barber or something that beard is just too much, lord knows what kind of creatures live within it.


  • Flying in Bahrain
    23 September 2007


    This is my first posting here and let me first congratulate you for your great blog.

    For me, all things considered, Ramadan is a month of fear: We are surrounded by people depraved of sleeping hours, fine but what about those people exercising a safety related activity: car drivers, pilots, air traffic controlers, policemen, you name it …
    Be carefull…

  • mahmood
    24 September 2007

    I wonder if the traffic department would release Ramadhan-specific accident figures (which them being doctored) just for the sake of comparison. Because I know like everyone else on this island at least, driving between 3pm and 6pm is more dangerous than being in dodgems!

  • AbuRasool
    24 September 2007

    RE: bahrainiac

    Lets take it a step further…..MANDATORY HOLIDAY FOR ENTIRE MONTH OF RAMADAN(Applicable only to Muslims though)!!

    I simply love suggestion.
    Could it be extended to include us, devout Bahrainis working abroad in kaffir universities. (Mohammad Khalid may wish to note, God bless him, that due to a diabolical scheming, most of my seminars are scheduled during the month of fasting). Long live Mohammad Khalid.

  • Hunyadi Janos
    25 September 2007


    fucking looser
    dont let me see u inreal life or i swear il hump u infront of every1

    keer, you mis spelled your name. Based on what you are saying, you are Queer, as in homosexual, by your own admission. Your mother was probably a camel, with two humps I am sure, and I can see your father, Ahmedinejad standing on a table creating you. Hehehe… I can see you drinking camel piss every morning, you dumb ass.

  • mahmood
    25 September 2007

    Ah, someone was listening, thanks!

    874 حادثاً في الأسبوع الأول من رمضان
    مدينة عيسى – الإدارة العامة للمرور
    صرح القائم بأعمال نائب المدير العام للإدارة العامة للمرور المقدم الشيخ عبدالرحمن بن صباح آل خليفة بأنه خلال الأسبوع الأول من شهر رمضان المبارك للعام 1428هـ وقع 874 حادثاً منها 850 حادث تلفيات و15 حادث إصابات بسيطة و6 حوادث إصابات بليغة و3 حوادث وفيات، موضحاً أن معظم تلك الحوادث وقعت وقت الإفطار وخلال أوقات متأخرة من الليل وأن السبب الرئيسي في تلك الحوادث هو السرعة وعدم اتخاذ الحيطة والحذر أثناء القيادة.

    وأكد القائم بأعمال نائب المدير العام للإدارة العامة للمرور أن الإدارة العامة للمرور قامت بتكثيف وجود رجالها في جميع محافظات المملكة وخصوصاً في الأسواق وأماكن الفعاليات والاختناقات المرورية وذلك لتأكيد السلامة المرورية.

    وأهاب الشيخ عبدالرحمن بن صباح آل خليفة بجميع مستخدمي الطريق الالتزام بالأنظمة والقواعد المرورية والتركيز والانتباه أثناء القيادة تفادياً لوقوع المزيد من الحوادث المرورية، مشدداً على دور أولياء الأمور في الاعتناء ومراقبة أطفالهم أثناء الاحتفال بالقرقاعون ووجودهم في الشوارع العامة والطرقات.
    الوسط – ٢٥/Ù©/٠٧

    Some stats were released by the Traffic Dept regarding accidents suffered during only the first week of Ramadhan:

    • 874 Accidents
    • 850 light accidents
    • 15 non-critical accidents
    • 6 serious accidents
    • 3 fatal accidents

    The vast majority of those accidents happened either at Iftar time or late at night and most are due to over-speeding.

    So there you have it my friends. Ramadhan is dangerous and you should avoid driving during it too, or at least get home early!


  • Sarah
    25 September 2007

    Uneducated people running parliament…..what else can we expect? It’s really sad how other GCC countries are progressing toward change and development and Bahrain, which used to be the most forward-thinking country, is now moving backwards. When will we understand that religion and law should always and forever remain two seperate entities and never come together to run a society? UGH. Depressing!

  • Fahad
    28 September 2007

    Oh man!!! I can comment about this guy until I’m blue in the face!!!! FOUR HOURS? Why bother? Why not just bloody stay at home?

    Oh wait, I hope he doesn’t hear me! Next thing you know he’ll name me god and say this was a commandment! Oh and you can hate me all you want but I’m going to say this: Does that bloody dirty looking beard actually make him an authority on Islam? Maybe because it’s sure as hell what got him elected in the first place!!!!

    When will we ever learn! Our politicians should be the most educated and capable, not the most bullshit touting bunch of crap headed idiots! FOUR hours? My god! So I guess we can call the profit a Kafir because he ‘worked’ during the month! He even went to war! Or do we conviniently ignore that fact so this guy can get his koodos and get re-elected?

    At least until they pass a law where he can retire on 80% of his Parliment salary for the rest of his bloody useless life!

    Okay enough, I’m going to go get me some sleep before a vain bursts!


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