18 Sep, '07

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Sorry. Got fed up of spam so I instructed the hosting company to install SpamAssassin. Little did I know that that required a complete re-install of the OS in order for that Plesk license to work!

After holding my head in my hands for a few minutes thinking of trying to find ways to buy a couple of bazookas to gift their projectiles to the hosting company, as you can see I’ve arrived at a better solution once the brain got engaged and decided to look at the situation as a perfect opportunity to move my junk from an old drive to a new one… Linux makes it easier too!

Sorry for the inconvenience. Do let me know should you discover any glitches.

Needless to say you might experience interruptions (I’ll keep them to the minimum I promise ;))

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  1. mahmood says:

    That was rough.

    I’ve started resurrecting the server from around 8.30 this morning and have just now (4.15pm) feel that I’ve got most things done, and all that was is re-establishing the databases, copying files to the correct locations, adding email addresses and various other configuration issues… basically, the whole day lost. And I’ve started with a cold… brilliant!

  2. Redbelt says:

    Linux Powered MTV!

  3. mahmood says:

    Always has been mate! 😉

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