Filbert’s walkabout

5 Oct, '07

Hi-res here

Away from the doom and gloom encompassing the world at the moment, here’s a moment of lightness for you..

The weather in Bahrain turned to the better since last weekend. It’s still hot and sticky, but at least the wind has picked up a bit, which prompted me to take my pet parakeet Filbert out for a walkabout in the garden… where he met his parents, and that was an experience!

Have a wonderful Friday my friends. I don’t know about you, but I have another 7 tonnes of sand to move into a new flower bed I’m designing.

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  1. nzm says:

    Don’t you dare throw a shoe at that darling bird! You did make me laugh with that comment, though! 🙂

  2. mdc says:

    Really interesting video. Says alot about that universal male/female. Really nice to see Filbert (and Frances). He has stolen a lot of hearts for sure. Thank and have a wonderful weekend everyone.

  3. Aliandra says:

    Parrots are so funny to watch. My budgie would walk up my leg and up to my shoudler just the way Filbert is crawling up that tree.

  4. Lovely – I needed a moment of escape…and your garden is the perfect sanctuary!

  5. Claus says:

    Thanks Mahmood. Just what I needed.

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