Bloggers’ Gathering #33.5 at Motorox

9 Oct, '07

Eyad and I are proposing another gathering on Sunday 21st October at Motorox to watch and enjoy the gripping F1 finalé. The race starts at 9pm 7pm Bahrain time and lasts for 90 minutes normally. Please be there by 8 6.30 or so if you can because if you come and and block the screen while you are trying to squeeze in, there is no telling who (not if) will kill you!

As I am sure that it will be rather busy, we need to reserve immediately. Please let us know if you would like to attend so we can tally the numbers.

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  1. ammar456 says:

    its great when people give ample time for such things. really. great. 💡

  2. mahmood says:


    so you’re coming?

  3. Guys, this is going to be a killer race, needless to say Interlagos was never a boring race, now add three young men pumped with adrenaline and testosterone to the picture, 650HP, and if we are lucky some rain.

    damn, i think i dropped some DNA in my pnats.

  4. ammar456 says:

    mahmood; yes, inshala! now i have enough noitce to sort out this ridiculous schedule and take pleasure in chilling out with you guys

    eyad; three young men pumped with adrenaline? me, you and mahmood? jolly good.

  5. says:

    so this is happening today? hows the show up list so far? anyone reserved a table?

  6. mahmood says:

    Yep and yep and the list is Mahmood, Ammar, Hamad, Talal, Eyad

  7. mahmood says:

    Okay, final version: 10 people have confirmed, a booth upstairs has been reserved by BYC for us.

    See you there from 6.30PM onwards.

  8. says:

    Isn’t BYC an underwear brand?

  9. mahmood says:

    That “BYC” bit was an inside thing with Eyad… It should be “BIC instead!

  10. Eyad says:

    it was great meeting you guys, too bad the race ended this way, but was a great race and a very nice gathering, it was also nice to see mahmood’s son Arif.

    waiting for next season, and still hate Ferrari.

  11. says:

    mahmood, how come you paid and ran off? i didnt know you were paying? you cant do that!

    next time, tell us before! i would have ordered more stuff !

  12. mahmood says:


    It was a really nice gathering with a lot of passion, screaming, jumping up and down and eating, all at the same time!

    Congrats to Ferrari for the championships (driver and constructors) they played a brilliant game and came out on top.

    As for Hami, well, I guess getting 2nd in such a competition and in a rookie year bodes very well for his future.

  13. says:

    it was fun. pix? (perhaps they weren’t too great but still)

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