Popcorn ready… awaiting the 2nd session of parliament!

17 Oct, '07

His majesty the king will be inaugurating the second session of parliament in its second term this afternoon. No bets are being taken this time as to whether Al-Wefaq will be boycotting the proceedings. This time, one would be forgiven for thinking that the tail this time is firmly between legs and claws (if ever there were) were resolutely pulled.

Still, they (and I mean the 40 rather than only the 17) will provide us with much hilarity and not just a few chuckles for the next few months. If we are lucky, we might even witness another fisticuffs and a few black eyes, not to mention continuous brainfarts emanating from the likes of – well, the 40.

It was rather dull without them during the last 150 days which were their summer hols, let’s see if that period of rest was enough to rejuvenate their zeal for further curtailment of public and personal freedoms while continuing to pad their own individual nests…

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  1. ammaro.com says:

    It was a long quiet summer without them. Which was also a good thing; with the summer heat, it really wouldn’t have taken much to burn our nerves. Now that the weather is cooling down, it’s time to get ready for more side-splitting, nerve-burning antics from the 40 clowns. Enjoy, all.

  2. Salman says:


    Since you seem to criticize them so much, and claim to be smarter, more intellectual, and more understanding of how things should be and how to make Bahrain a better place, why not be an MP yourself and make a change?

    It seems to me, you are just making yourself a bit of fame by being “different”.

    Go on, accuse me of the “personal attacks”.

    Face the truth Mahmood. You want to make a change, then make it. Debating or discussing problems, never solved them, when you do not have the power to do anything.

    Get up there, and make a change, or don’t criticize if you can’t do someone else’s job better.

    And I bet you can’t do shit if you were put into office to do the job.

    The Minister of Labor ranted and raved about unemployment in Bahrain during the 90’s incidents, before he was the MoL. So, they put him into the spot to do the job he wanted be done, and guess what? He couldn’t do fuck all!

    Ma yetanaz ala el naas, ela akhas el naas 😉

    Know better? Do better and prove yourself.

    Allah Weyaak

  3. mahmood says:

    Salman, take it easy on the juice and concentrate on your studies. I am sure that the janitorial position you applied for will still be available to you once you come back home. Or maybe not.

    Either way, I don’t particularly care. So knock yourself out!

  4. Salman says:

    As always Mahmood, you run away from the truth, rather than face it.

    There is nothing wrong in being a janitor, its a job, which needs hard work to be done.

    Unlike you Mahmood, I do not claim to be better than others, and cannot be able to do others job better than them.

    Besides, you couldn’t care less, could you? Look at the way you live, and the way most of Bahrain lives. Of course, you will say “i worked my way up and earned my living”. True as it may be, but, you will still not give 2 shits about others suffering, as long as you are not suffering with them.

    If you cant feel the heat, you won’t complain its hot, will you?

  5. mahmood says:

    I do I do care. I just don’t give 2 cow pats about you in particular!

    Deal with it.

    And do stay off the sauce, as it is quite evident that you started a bit early today.

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