Mimosa pudica (the shy plant)

18 Oct, '07
Mimosa pudica (the shy plant)

Mimosa pudica (the shy plant), originally uploaded by malyousif.

It’s just flowered and I think its “pompoms” are really beautiful, completely different for such an unassuming, but sensitive plant.

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  1. meggie whetstone says:

    Used to grow them in the greenhouse, but never got any to flower. That bloom is lovely. Does it have a nice fragrance too?


  2. Anwar Y Abdulrahman says:

    Congratulations, that’s wonderful..I just want to know when you planted it, does it need a full sun or semi-shade.

  3. Mahmood says:

    It needs neglect!

    I kid you not Anwar, I bought a couple of these as seedlings almost from Al-Bader on the Janabiya highway, plonked them in a used pot with its compost and left the pot at the front door in full sun (my house faces the west) and I water it once every three days and it has grown multiple times what it was when I first got it. I love it as I can easily impress kids with it, especially my young nephew Hussain 🙂

  4. Barry says:

    In tropical countries, this plant is considered a weed.

    It is interesting for its response to shock. I’ve got an Averrhoa carambola (Star Fruit) which closes its leaflets (slower, but fast enough to see) if you thump the leaves with your finger.

  5. Ira Russell says:

    Great Picture. Mine are blooming now too. They only need partial sun. I even got them to flower in a western window.
    In the USA we call them TickleMe Plants got mine from Edmund Scientifics on Line. My kids love their TickleMe Plants! If anyone has not had the opportunity to grow them they are missing out. ANYONE who grows one tickles it and watches them move never forget them! TickleMe Plants are as easy as plant them and water them!

  6. cris says:

    please help my Mimosa Plant
    is dying and im not sure how to care for it coz cant find any info on the net

  7. jamie says:

    mine too, it suddenly dropped all of it leaves, i am looking for care instructions as well.

  8. jamie says:

    this repeat, wanted notification email forgot to check box below

  9. Katrina says:

    Assalamu alaikum. I bought this as a kit called “Space Plant, it really moves!” and thought after it started sprouting I better figure out what it really is. 😀 Your plant is absolutely beautiful, mashallah! I can’t wait to get flowers 🙂

  10. Carly says:

    Hello everyone.
    I went to jamiaca and I was shown this plant, I was amazed.

  11. Ata says:

    I live in the USA.
    I would like to know where can I get a shy plant from ?
    Please let me know if you have the answer.

  12. nancy samen says:

    where can I buy a shy plant thank you

  13. kita says:

    oh nancy i got my plant from trago mills 😉

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