3 Nov, '07
Speedcar babe

Speedcar Series babe, originally uploaded by malyousif.


I’ve got hundreds of pitbabe pictures from the Desert 400 weekend like the one above, and hundreds more of cars like the one below, which would you like me to process and upload first?

Of course I will limit my upload to the best 20 or so, I wouldn’t want to bore you to death with this stuff, after all, you need to go to the BIC and experience the atmosphere there yourselves! 😉

WOW V8 racing

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  1. says:

    hey, we see cars on the road every day! babes, on the other hand, are a limited quantity in this country :p

  2. yagoob says:

    My animal instincts drove my to choose the female specimens

  3. jack says:

    What’s wrong with you mahmood?

    Do you even have to ask!

  4. lizardo says:

    delete the cars 😉

  5. Jade says:

    You fell down from my eyes Mahmood – you often have some intelligent and responsible things to say but it seems that you have been deceiving your readers and that we might as well be tuning into “The Sun”, “News of the World” or any of the other red top “gutter” tabloids…

    So disappointed…..

  6. Naz says:

    men…. *rolls eyes*

  7. mahmood says:

    Jade, that suggests that your view of me was dependent on a flimsy thread anyway, so I’m not too bothered by “falling” from your eyes. In fact, I might even feel relieved!

  8. Abu Arron says:

    Sorry folks, I voted for the cars. Cheaper to maintain and they break down less. Best of all, you fill ’em up and they stay useful (and complain less) for longer. 😆

  9. mahmood says:

    ‘o oh.. I have a feeling that you’re starting yet another war in the Den… shouldn’t we take it one at a time?! 😎

  10. ash says:

    You are such a …. tart! A man-tart.

  11. mahmood says:

    yesh yesh aye is aye is! 😀

  12. says:

    mahmood! i see a car pic in between those babes in your photostream! stop trying to sneak the car photos in! more babes! waaaaaaaaaah. UNGA UNGA, MAN HUNGRY.

  13. mahmood says:

    Oops, sorry!

    But I’ll give you all a break from pretty people today, so please keep your objection emails until I resume putting up more babes in a couple of days’ time. Today, my friends, is for fire and metal and dust and crashes!


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