Flying Thunder Arabia!

6 Nov, '07
Flying Thunder Arabia!

Flying Thunder Arabia!, originally uploaded by malyousif.

And you thought that cars are supposed to just be on the ground? Well this guy’s got another idea and he tried flying right through Turn One, carried on for a bit on the mile long runoff area and then just got out and walked away!

I’m glad that he didn’t suffer an injury, neither, it seemed, did anyone else, even the 2 or 3 cars he almost destroyed. One of them carried on through the race without a nose cone.

Good fun.

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  1. says:


    one of our friends drives the yellow tweety thunder arabia vehicle.

    he once drove straight at top speed, did a 360 (while still going in a straight line at top speed) and kept going like nothing happened!

    it was really fun to watch

  2. Eyad says:

    these cars suck, I got my C Class national licens on one of them beaters 3 years ago or so, and OMG man, they are anything but a single seater.

    nice shot Mahmood.

  3. Eyad says:

    I forgot to add, you don’t really need the nose cone on one of these as it is not a down force part, its actually a pumper like normal cars, same goes for the rear spoiler, it has nothing to do with Aerodynamics.

    were they racing them last weekend?

    I hope not, fisheela.

  4. mahmood says:

    Oh yes they were, and not just once!

    If they didn’t need these devices (at that speed, I know that they don’t have an impact aerodynamically) then they should have stopped that guy without a nose as that would give him an ever so slight advantage weight-wise… but only just!

  5. Eyad says:

    Mahmood, I wasn’t there to judge really, but usually any vehicle that shows any technical deficiency during the race (losing body parts counts) would get a technical flag (Black with orange circle) along with its number from the star/finish tower calling it in to the pits in order to fix the problem or retire if the problem cant be fixed.

    this is very very brief and there are many possibilities, don’t know what the race director/ Clerk of course had in mind and I’m sure they did the best thing at the time.

  6. mahmood says:

    I’m sure you’re right. It was fun in any case. The competition between those drivers was hot and it showed.

  7. Hassan says:

    Dear Mahmoud
    Thank you for the picture, and i also thank Eyad for saying that the cars sucks, and they are anything but single seaters. i think through the last weekend it proved that these cars are good, and can protect the lives of the drivers in it.

  8. Eyad says:

    @Hassan, come on bro, its my personal opinion, I don’t like the ZIP cars, not thunder arabia.

    when are you bringing the Legends?

  9. Hassan says:

    by mid December the first one should arrive inshaallah.

  10. Raed says:

    Well .. im one year late to comment on this intresting conversation .. But i learned alot from these cars ! i started from nothing but some people think they are stupid but believe me they are the best cars to start with !

    Michael Shumacher started with these cars ! it really helps you to learn how to control and improves your ability ! when i moved up to BMW and Renaults i admit they seem better faster and everything about them is just so advanced .. but again everytime i jump in the thunder arabia cars it brings bk all the memorieze !

    Anyway just wanted to Thank Mahmood for following up and publishing all these stories and pics.

    And thank Hassan Al Wardany for always being there when needed. 🙂

    And Ramadhan Kareem to all.

  11. mahmood says:

    Well done on all of your success Raed, keep it up, you’re doing us proud!

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