Hippaestrum (Candy Cane)

16 Nov, '07
Hippaestrum (Candy Cane)

Hippaestrum (Candy Cane), originally uploaded by malyousif.

The first Hippaestrum (Amaryllis to some) of the season. I love these bulbs as they always reward you with huge showy flowers like no other.

I’ve planted them outside in the garden before with good success. This year, I wanted to have some extra colour in the house. They’re all in pots of course so I can cluster them however I wish, this is what makes container gardening such a nice thing to do, the flexibility.

Apart from the Hippaestrum, I’ve got some lilies, gladiolus and two types of Hyacinth so the arrangements when they all flower (if they all flower at the same time that is) should be quite a sight for sore eyes.

Have a wonderful Friday my friends, and stay in peace.

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  1. Barry says:

    Gladiolus are pretty common bulbs here that they tend to get overlooked, although I love their ranks of flowers. My favorite flowers that are related are actually the Watsonias. They’re closely related to gladiolus, but have much more symmetric six petaled flowers. I rather like their simple elegance. Gladiolus eclipsed them though, which is why you can’t really find them in nurseries. Hyacinth are common spring bulbs, but I prefer the Grape Hyacinths, which look like clusters of deep purple grapes. The scent is sort of a grape scent (perhaps influenced in my mind by the flowers). My grandmother used to have these growing “wild” in her yard.

    Here’s a bit of trivia for you:

    Gladiolus means “little sword” in Latin, because the leaves look like sword blades. Gladiolus is likewise related to the word “Gladiator”, both stemming from the word Gladius meaning “Sword”

  2. M says:

    I used to grow these every Christmas for many years as people give them as gifts in my part of the states. Just love the color and grace of these plants, and they are so easy to grow.

    Haven’t grown them in a while, so I will look forward to pictures of yours in full bloom. :mrgreen:

  3. Mahmood says:

    It would be my pleasure M, and let me with you a very happy Christmas now that you’ve mentioned it. Believe it or not, our tree is already up and my wife is putting up its lights this evening!

  4. Barry says:

    Uy Mahmood, you’ve really got a head start on Christmas! We don’t put our tree up until December. Anyway, I’ve noticed the stores seem to have their shipments of Amaryllis in already (I saw one already going into bloom).

  5. M says:

    I can’t even think about Christmas yet because I’m still trying to work up to thanksgiving, and I hate to cook. Actually I just got back from Walmart (where I was dumbfounded to hear Christmas music being piped all over the store when I was there last week), and what should I see as I came around a corner but a shelf full of Amaryllis. Your post this morning inspired me to pick up two red ones for Christmas that will go in our bay window with some spruce, candles and other things. That and the fact I have one cat that willl eat every plant in the house, and I have had to survive Christmas without Poinsettias ever since we got him. 😥

  6. Mahmood says:

    Poinsettias! I forgot about those. Last time we got them they lasted outside until about March/April!

    They’ve got them in Jawad’s at BD3.5, Marj Al-Zuhoor at BD5 and another garden centre for BD4.. better get to Jawad’s today before they all walk out of their door 😉

    The reason we thought of Christmas so early is because we saw new trees in Manazil and if you see something you want in any shop in Bahrain, you’d better buy it immediately as when their stock finishes, chances are that the store won’t order any more, but if they do order, it will take them 3 months to get them in. In most cases, that’s too late to do anything with.

    That doesn’t happen just for items like festive season stuff, but even chocolate biscuits, cheese, clothes, etc!

    As they delivered the big box in the house and as I hate boxes, I decided (amongst unanimous condemnation that that box should only be opened after Thanksgiving – something that we don’t celebrate but that’s the effect of TV for you!) I decided to “just count the pieces to make sure that we have everything in it” and what better way to do so but to install it?

    Well, it’s been up since then!

  7. Barry says:

    M: Poinsettias aren’t poisonous like other euphorbias. They may have a bit of a bitter taste, but everything I’ve read points to the fact that that is a total myth. Our cat will chew leaves if he can get to them, and we’ve had a poinsettia in a pot for 4 years or so.

  8. M says:


    I can appreciate your dilemma about the box, and it’s as good as an excuse as anything else. 🙂 Sounds like you found a pretty good solution all in all. Lots of people here already have their Christmas decorations up. I just always found my kids took the decorations for granted if we put them up to early, and that always ticked me off. I could sit in front of a fire with the tinsel and tree lights sparkling all day long.


    That’s good to know, because this particular cat eats everything including my dried flowers. I thought I saw Poinsettias on the poisonous list one time. Maybe it’s one of those old wive’s tales that I’ve just heard over time. I hope so, because I really do miss having them they are just so beautiful at Christmas time. Thanks.

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