What gives?

22 Nov, '07

Frances got me this Passiflora from her last trip to the UK which is labelled “Caerulea Constance Eliott” which is a completely white cultivar

Passiflora - label

… one that I was so looking forward to – but after months of it being in the ground, I am surprised today to see that a “regular” Passiflora had bloomed!

Passiflora - NOT Constance Eliott!

What gives?

Yes it is still beautiful, but but but…

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  1. Barry says:

    It’s possible someone put the wrong label on it.

  2. meggie whetstone says:

    Or perhaps, in your particular growing conditions, it has become a “sport”. It happens…


  3. Mahmood says:

    I’ll reserve judgment until a few more flowers come up… the suspense, oh the suspense!

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