Japanese variegated hibiscus

23 Nov, '07
Japanese variegated hibiscus

Japanese variegated hibiscus, originally uploaded by malyousif.

I wasn’t very sure that this hibiscus would survive in my garden as it was looking rather poorly for quite a while, but am I really happy that it has filled out all of a sudden and today I see it has this glorious flower on it. Very pretty isn’t it?

Have a wonderful Friday and weekend AND I wish you a very happy Thanksgiving too.

God bless.

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  1. Barry says:

    I like hibiscus flowers, but I only really like the simply colored types, like yours. I’m not a fan of the huge, highly ruffled and multi-colored ones, I guess simplicity is what I prefer.

    I also tend not to like variegated plants, but that usually applies to yellow variegation (which looks like disease to me). My favorite variegation is the blood red variegation on certain bananas (which look like spatters of blood – gory, but that’s what it looks like).


    I had one of those, but they’re pretty cold sensitive and I lost the plant the next spring (usually, most bananas here will come back from the corm, those didn’t for me).

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