12 Dec, '07, the free blog publishing platform is dead and I don’t have the time to continue to maintain it, especially considering the plethora of various free and much better managed platforms available on the net like Blogger and WordPress.

Therefore, I have decided to re-define the domain’s role to just an aggregator which now moves from /rss to the main If you have linked to any item on the /rss subdirectory, have no fear, that link will automagically resolve to the new destination and originally linked article.

As ever, thanks for your support and do remember to update your bookmarks and sorry for the inconvenience, if any.

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  1. says:

    i think it makes more sense that way; keeps it for what its most used for, which works best. let the big guns do the jobs they’re best for, and keep doing what you’re doing best.

  2. Yousif says: is “the” destination for people looking for blogs by Bahrainis or by those who relate to Bahrain in some way but I wish there was some sort of accessible platform where say a new blogger could submit his/her blog for inclusion. I know your email but others might not. I’m sure a link to there wouldn’t hurt 🙄

    Also some Google Ad tip; you see the link ad at the very bottom, no one would see it there. I would remove it and put a banner-sized ad between the Unread Items section and the Recent Items section. Unfortunately, you’ll have to edit some php files for that.

  3. mahmood says:

    Thank you Yousif, for both suggestions. Now that I have more than a week on my hand, I might as well put those tasks on the list!

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