I’ve just received a report that a Ali Jassim Mohammed, a 31 year old, was taken to the International Hospital about two hours ago in an unconscious state due to tear-gas exposure fired at a demonstration in Jidd Haffs.

He was one of many taking part to commemorate the contentious “Martyr’s Day” which the opposition wants to commemorate annually on the 17th of December, a day which has been inaugurated by the authorities as the “King’s Ascension Day”. The Ministry of Interior apparently issued a press release in which it stated that Ali’s death was due to a heart attack rather than tear-gas related. There are currently serious riots going on at the mortuary between the demonstrators and the police.

Ali is reportedly recently married and was awaiting his first born soon. May his soul rest in peace.

Ours; however, will probably continue to be tormented by this ridiculous push-and-pull relationship between some elements of the opposition and the regime both of whom so far have failed to resolve their points of difference. Their dialogue, if at all it exists, can’t be anything but like a conversation between two deaf and dumb people with neither side prepared to listen.

If they really want to get this tiring situation fixed, I suggest they both read Wa’ad’s National Day declaration [translation], turn it into a manifesto and work toward its accomplishment. How difficult is it really to recognise our shortcomings and work together toward an equitable resolution?