Bush can dance!

President Bush and King Hamad dancing the Ardha in Sekhir Palace in Bahrain - Photo courtesy of Al-Wasat newspaperIt was thrilling seeing Bush dancing the ‘Ardha with our king this afternoon! The guy just pulled that sword out like he was born to it. At last, though, Bush found someone to impart him some culture.

But my opinion doesn’t matter here, tell me what you think if you witnessed the event of the century! (if you haven’t, I’m sure it’ll be on YouTube before too long)


Thanks to RedBelt, here’s the video:


  1. Nimz

    technically the dance is al frisni and the music is ‘ardha, no?

    Either way I really want to see the video!

  2. Simon Columbus

    Youtube gives a few videos of Bush dancing together with some African / Caribbean dancers, and it’s really kinda funny, he has no rhythm. I’d be surprised if he’d done better now.

  3. Lee Ann

    I havent seen this dance…but all my previous viewings of Bush doing anything that requires muscle control comes off like a ventriliquist’s dummy being manipulated…ever see they guy when someone throws a question at him he doesnt have a previously sanctioned answer for….its like the lights are on but nobody’s home…

    but then again…monkey see….monkey 😀 do!! 😀

  4. Mike

    Bush has a Bachelors Degree from Yale, and a Masters from Harvard and is a millionaire. I guess they didn’t offer electives like sword tango or the monkey boogie…
    But hey, its the new world sport, lets bash him some more.

  5. Just me

    Frankly it is pathetic seeing an Arab leader dancing with the perpetrator of an endless conflict in Iraq in which over 150,000 people have been killed and who wants to start a conflict with another neighbour. Is there a drop of manhood left in Arab leaders who have even reduced the sword – a symbol of bravery, courage and fearlessness – into an instrument of some pathetic bedoin dance to further reiterate romantic oriental notions of Arabs and designed to look like Bush got some ‘local’ culture. The puny little Arab dancing there is only interested in protecting his throne thanks to the presance of an American navy base and who obviously has no respect for the killing in Palestine and Israel. Unless peace is achieved in Palestine and Iraq, this behaviour too insulting to even look at. I certainly know where i want to shove that sword.

    think swaying swords in the tradition of a glorious past in which the sword represented courage and fearlessness and NOT just an instrument some ridiculous bedoin folkloric dance.

  6. Ali

    Yeah, we gave him the sword, we showed him how violent we are in our very deep culture. That’s what came to my mind when I saw him flipping the sword.

    God thanks it did not reach his friend neck…ouch!

  7. ammaro

    i love how he shook that sword; the smile on his face is priceless, really. and seems our king cant stop giggling, can he?

  8. desert bloom

    lol funny

    il mushkila people think that our leaders are not men for meeting with bush but the truth is just the opposite. Our profit 3alaih il 9alat wil salam
    live with his enemies and even traded with them and did business he did not just fight fight fight! This is not manhood but thinking, talking, and listening to others even enemies and holding the grudge inside is the real manhood

    as for bush i think he needs lessons 😛

  9. nass

    Arabs cant dance can they, no rythim, no tune… Bush can certainly dance to any tune, no matter how crap it is

  10. billT

    Good thing the video didnt last to long. You know the old saying “He who lives by the sword will trip over it”.

  11. Mavis

    Bush is a lamb duck, so if he wants to slice and dice, what’s the harm, as long as he doesn’t bring the sword home, DHS might think he’s a terrorist…wait a minute… 😀

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  13. Post
  14. Loki

    Looking at the photo, is it just me or does the King’s look a tad apprehensive?

    Hate it when they call it the persian gulf. Though I’m reminded of the first gulf war when CNN was broadcast (almost) live on our channels but the word “persian” was edited out. – probably just me….

  15. Dale

    Well, it was certainly a Kodak moment if there ever was one. Just curious, are those blades real or only ceremonial?

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  17. Lee Ann

    Just proves the addage…you can teach a monkey to do just about anything 😆

  18. Um Naief

    oh he’s a big dancer… big.

    he even danced in saudi. i think he won the last time because of his foxtrot skills….

    i bet you didn’t know that, now did ya?!!! 😯

  19. ammaro

    Dale; they’re ceremonial, which means less weight and less rigid than the real ones, but they can still inflict quite a bit of damage.

  20. Tiffany

    He is such a puppet. LOSER! I cannot wait for him to leave office.

  21. Lee Ann


    How dare I?…as an American its written in my constitution…freedom of speech and all that…so I dare!….its my opinion and nothing he has done in 8 years has proven otherwise. But thats just me.

  22. Nine

    Lee Ann,
    It is indeed within your right to speak out my lady. I was not questioning that. I was questioning your ability to call a man who prevented a whole people from being eliminated a monkey. I find it astonishing that anybody, let alone an American, could say that!

  23. Lee Ann

    Excuse my ignorance…but who has he saved? If in the process of saving you destroy then what have you gained?

  24. Nine

    Dear Lee Ann,
    Do you think the people of Kosovo would be around let alone aspiring for independence if it was not for GWB? Better still, no life was lost just sheer American pressure that prevented Serbia (Yugoslavia) from going back into its old game of raping women and burying men in mass graves.

  25. Lee Ann


    So you are saying we should high five him for the lives he MAY have saved in Kosovo…but I was thinking more about the lives he surely has destroyed in Iraq…its all well and good to take action to save lives…as the president of the last superpower one would consider that part and parcel of his job…so give him some praise for doing his job if you want….but also as president of the last superpower he has used his power to destroy a whole country…i dont see the scales of good and bad deeds even coming close to balancing over this one…

    my earlier statement stands…

  26. Nine

    Lee Ann,
    I am not an expert on the US constitution or the duties of the president but I doubt saving lives in far away foreign lands is part and parcel of his duties!

    As for taking lives in Iraq well I am again not so sure of that! The war in Iraq should all be blamed on one man and one man only and that is Saddam Husain. He was the one who triggered it all. What did you expect the President of the US to do? Wait for Saddam to develop weapons of mass destruction?

    Yes he turned out not to have them but then was there a trick that Saddam did not use to conceal the weapons that he did not have? How about the mass graves that were discovered? Was this not a sufficient reason for the war?

  27. Tiffany

    Use your real name and come out of the woods with your uneducated opinions. GWB has ruined the lives of thousands of people and now animals. He wants the US Navy to be exempt from environmental laws related to sonar use. Many speces of whales are beaching themselves because they cannot take the stress of the noise pollution GWB is doing (not to mention ocean liners, etc).
    GWB is trash. I am so happy he is going going and soon to be GONE!!! I am ASHAMED TO BE AN AMERICAN RIGHT NOW!!

  28. Nine

    Well well Tiffany! My opinions may be uneducated but I shall stand by them until you or somebody else refutes them.

    Until then I shall look to George Bush as a truly wonderful man who has given back hope to millions to people in Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq.

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