Blogger does Arabic!

19 Jan, '08

Blogger introduced three right-to-left languages – Arabic, Farsi and Hebrew – and not only flipped the whole interface for those languages around, but allowed the text editor to be fully bidirectionally aware, ie, you can mix English and Arabic in the same post and the editor will know which is which. This is a major pain even in regular word processors, so to have that facility on an online edit form is brilliant.

Blogger bidirectional interface

Other than that and much more important I think, Blogger (and Google) are demonstrating their worldly tendencies and awareness of their customers. Blogger for instance now supports 37 40 languages!

Congratulations to those who use Blogger. I hope that other online services emulate their lead.

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  1. ehsan says:

    It’s good that they support Arabic, but what I really hate is everytime I go to Blogger now, or Google, or even The Pirate Bay, the default language is Arabic. I have to maneuver through numerous menus to make everything English again.

    I’ve always found that Arabic and computer terminology don’t mix. It just sounds wrong…

  2. ammaro says:

    its a great achievement for those who use arabic frequently, but ehsan has a point there. it’s been getting on my nerves that just because we’re located in this region, it assumes that we want to use arabic. dude, i dont want arabic. give me back my default english setting. there are english people in the region, chinese, indian, etc, so arabic doesnt always make sense.

    keep english as the default worldwide, and allow people to change it to whatever language they want.

  3. Well yeah I agree with both Ehsan and Ammaro but think about it we are after in the region.

    I hate it too when you go to any site and then you find these stupid ADs in arabic and it just feels weird I guess they should have to fix the setting for each and every person.

  4. mahmood says:

    Eh, those stupid whiteys always make the wrong assumption that we Arabs are proud of our language, and as we are incapable – it seems – from creating software that would do Arabic, when the bloody whiteys do do it, we just can’t/shan’t be happy and then want the world to just unify the language used into English and be done with it.

    Bloody Amerikans.

  5. ammaro says:

    بلودي اميريكانز

  6. Joel says:

    Its great, Mahmood. But HELP!! I am one of those unfortunate ones who can’t understand Arabic. At least not yet. Can somebody tell me how to get Blogger to speak to me in Arabic please??? I can’t undertstand a thing now, whenever I go to the blogger, its all in Arabic. Ehsan, did u find a way? Or maybe I should Contact blogger. 😕

  7. Joel says:

    Ooooops. I meant “Can somebody tell me how to get Blogger to speak to me in ENGLISH please???” I typed arabic, my mistake. 🙁

  8. ehsan says:

    There you go Joel

    Select English, click the orange button.

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