1 Feb, '08

Dalal, originally uploaded by malyousif.

This is my most “favourited” picture on my Flickr stream. As I’m about to head out of the door to the same place I took this one, I thought I’d make this the Mtv traditional Friday Photograph!

Have a wonderful – if very windy – Friday my friends…

Keep safe and warm.

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  1. Ali M. says:

    What a great friday Mahmood!
    Thanx for that 😎

  2. Abu Arron says:

    Windy? Windy?! You should try it over here in London. It’s so bad that one of my chickens laid the same egg three times. 😛 We’ve also got snow forecast.

    Have a great weekend, I will.

  3. Barry says:

    What do her earrings say?

  4. seems like a very elaborate self portrait! 😛

  5. A learner of Arabic says:

    Who is this sweet girl?

  6. A learner of Arabic says:

    Her name? Is it some kind of “tughra” she is wearing? Well, the first letter from the right seems to be a waw. And the last one could be a lam. But what is there in between?

    You know, if I wouldn’t like calligraphy, this Arabic alphabet would have driven me crazy long ago.

  7. LuLu says:

    It does say “Dalal” 🙂

    Lovely picture

  8. A learner of Arabic says:

    Dalal? Is that thing supposed to be the letter dal?

    I will never learn Arabic. 🙁

  9. Fid says:

    nice pic .. hmmm .. you have a lot of fat around ur belly .. you need to exercise more !!
    there is another sweet lady waiting for Dala .. couldn’t you get us a picture of her as well :mrgreen:

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