Want to enjoy Bahrein?

19 Mar, '08

Go to Buenos Aires… you might have a bit more fun than we currently do in this sand pit!

bahrein buenos aires argentina

I know it’s frivolous… sue me!

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  1. ammaro says:

    that bahrein is the nighclub of beunos aires. this bahrain is the nightclub of saudi.

  2. heraish says:

    This minister is a hero in my eyes. He is responsible to for distributing citizenships to the residents of Bahrain who have served the country. Even though he is being attacked now. In the long run his efforts will good for the country. If shia’s are demanding their rights, other Muslims who have come from other countries also should have similar rights.

  3. Cee says:

    Hi there, it’s been a long time since I’ve visited your site. As usual, there’s always something interesting in here. Have a nice weekend Mahmood πŸ˜‰
    (Just hoping that by my next visit to your den Bader would be found safe and sound)

  4. Abu Arron says:

    bahrain is the nightclub of saudi

    Like it, like it. The comment that is, not the harsh reality. At least Saturday’s are nice and peaceful (apart from the stragglers weaving home across the causeway).

  5. Sadek says:

    Hate to disappoint you, but Dubai is the nightclub of Saudi. We are just a day’s visit to Seef and maybe to catch a movie.
    As for Heraish, I think he is in the wrong posting – unless some unnamed Minister has given the Argentinian nightclub citizenship, which would be a bit silly.

  6. I says:

    Didn’t the old Amir liken Bahrain to the fun fair at the end of Brigton Pier ?

    Sadek, Bahrain has been called the ‘bar and bordello’ (quoted from an old article in the Irish Times) of Saudi since the causeway opened.

    Yes Dubai has more to offer, but Bahrain is substantially closer, especially for the people who can only afford to drive, not fly. Always has been, always will.
    As to your comment on the movies. It reminds me of what the government promoted as ‘family tourism’. This seemed to translate to Dad bundling off wife and kids to the mall or cinema while he hit the bars etc.
    Does anyone actually know what is meant by ‘family tourism’ and how that actually would work in Bahrain?


  7. lorena says:

    LOL Amaro ! yeah you are right ! hahahahah you always make me laught!

  8. Abu Arron says:

    Hi Sadek,

    Sorry to argue the point, but Bahrain is definitely the hot spot for our neighbours to visit on weekends and overdo the fire water consumption and generally behave badly. Yeah, I know Saudis aren’t the only ones, but they do try their best (quite successfully) to monopolise a bad reputation.

    Dubai is very much a family visit. Bahrain is jolly boys outing. If in doubt, try visiting Hoora or being in the vicinity of Hotel California on a Thursday night (unfortunately, I lived around the corner for a while).

  9. ammaro says:

    Sadek; let me take me you out on any given weekend and show you around πŸ™‚ if you don’t think we’re the nightclub, you will be more than suprised

  10. Sadek says:

    ammaro, I and Abu Arron
    I believe you although I still stick to the point that our nightlife is stale, limited and with the exception of a very few places, cannot compare to Dubai. On the other hand give me Bahrain to Dubai, in terms of restaurants.
    As for the few drunken Saudis, lets be fair, you get drunks everywhere, including Dubai. Anyhow I actually believe that we should be happy to have this mass thursday and friday migration; they pump money into our economy.
    As for family tourism, its like somebody from our illustrious parliament pontificating that we should also encourage religious tourism, now try to explain that to me.

  11. Anonny says:

    Anyhow I actually believe that we should be happy to have this mass thursday and friday migration; they pump money into our economy.

    Oh they pump all right!

  12. Abu Arron says:

    Tsk, tsk Anonny – a cheap shot indeed. πŸ˜€

    I agree with you Sadek, there are drunks of every nationality wandering around the streets of Bahrain in the evening, but by far the nationality drawing the most attention are the Saudis. No-one get offended here, I am not drawing a direct comparison, but there is a saying that the dog with the shortest lead barks the most. I cannot condone the awful behaviour witnessed, but sorta understand.

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