1. Abu Arron

    I am currently in London and the radio news announced that dog licences are being reintroduced to help pay for building the olympic stadium. All hell broke loose for 2.5 hours until the radio station confessed it was a joke.

    The best I heard was in Dubai when Radio2 announced that the creek had dried up and there wouldn’t be any abras that day. Thousands fell for it and the traffic situation was more horrendous than usual!! I bet someone got their wrists slapped for that.

  2. Lee Ann

    Havent fell for any yet…but Im about to give my daughter a heartattack. Last year when I bought my jeep the extra key went missing within days. We turned the house upside down but it never showed up. Just the other day I found it by chance…and so today I will go to my daughters place of work and take my jeep…and wait for her to come out and assume its been stolen…*chucklious*…the only drawback being that 9 times out of 10 she calls me first when disaster strikes…lets hope this is not the one time she calls the police…ouch!

  3. Hani AlYousif

    I woke Gillian up extra early going “Where’s the car?!”

  4. Post
  5. ammaro

    i didnt fall for any this year, unfortunately! its always a good laugh to know you’ve been a victim of one… but the best one that really made me laugh was this:

    Dubai to build The Actual World

    Tues 1 Apr, 2008 1:23 AM GMT

    DUBAI, 1 April (Reuters) – Faced with lukewarm celebrity interest in its The World artificial islands project, Dubai has decided to build The Actual World.

    The multi-trillion dollar mega-project, believed to be largest in the known universe, will see a scale replica of the entire Earth rebuilt on the planet Mars.

    The Red Planet was recently acquired by Dubai Holdings as part of its property portfolio diversification strategy….. etc…

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  8. Gardens of Sand

    Ay Ma7mood, I wish I could share my April fool’s day experiece with you. Gosh, I really was punked (my by brother in law), fell for it hard. Of course with big brother reading everything, most certainly your blog, I will just keep it to myself for now. Let me just say that so far that my brother in law’s prank is by far the best and meanest!

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