Giddy up Mosley!

1 Apr, '08

Max Mosley the sex maniac?
Maxy, oh Maxy, what did you do you bad bad boy? Now people won’t leave you alone and are asking for you to be whipped, but proper!

Serves you right for fining our boys $100 million last year!

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  1. Hamad says:

    But who would have ever thought our next F1 scandal would be of such proportions and involves Mad Mosley being kinky :shock:.

    Either way this guarantees Bahrain’s name on a different type of newspapers if he showed up this weekend lol

  2. Abu Arron says:

    Explains why he was so hung up on skirt measurements. 🙄

  3. marie-claire says:

    While the whole thing was worth a giggle or two and was obviously most red inducing 😳 for poor old max, I think it’s a shame that the world has made such a fuss about it. Men will be men (all over the world)! What he does behind closed doors SHOULD be his own business. It doesn’t effect his ability to do his job or interact with the world – however distatsteful to the rest of us.The world’s media is so busy trying to rip people down for things thatare none of our business that real news gets ignored. Sad really, don’t you think?

  4. mahmood says:

    I do.

    The media seems to require every single public figure to be a defacto saint but itch terribly for any faux pas to induce idiotic headlines.

    But the media will continue to lead by the lowest common denominator I guess. Dying babies don’t make nice pictures and don’t make the punters reach for the rag and dish out some cash for the cover price.

  5. Sam says:

    “Clearly of paramount importance is the success of the event for all concerned — the Kingdom of Bahrain, Formula One and spectators.

    The focus quite rightly should be on the race. With great regret,” added the Crown Prince, “I feel that under the current circumstances, it would be inappropriate for you to be in Bahrain at this time.”

    CP’s warm welcome. 😆

  6. Ali says:

    Text of letter from Crown Prince of Bahrain to Max Mosley:

  7. Abu Arron says:

    It’s all rather sad really. In addition to Max staying away from the F1 race, he was also expected to open up a new franchise in Exhibition Road on Sunday. Whips ‘R’ Us. Tragic.

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