Parliament didn’t disappoint yesterday by providing credence to the date. They proved without a shadow of the doubt that they are fools who are resolutely dragging the country to the dogs. Without any hint of resolution so far, 40 grown adults who simply cannot work together and whose over-riding reason seems to be to posture, scream, shout and have tantrums and that their individual opinions supersedes all others.

Yes, we do have a problem with the Constitution and with the Parliamentary By-laws. Yes, it is quite evident that the overarching reason for their existence seems to be to propagate sectarianism or at least that facet is at the forefront of their minds in every single action that they do; privately and publicly, which exacerbated the impasse Parliament finds itself at.

They just will not and cannot work together.

I do not believe that the people who have been elected are doing their job. It is somewhat within their power to get things rolling and fix what could be fixed; alas, their idiotic posturing is taking precedence.

Therefore, there is really no need to waste more time to get these morons off their cushy seats and thrown out in the street where they belong; hence, as a Bahraini citizen fully within my rights, I hereby give them the Red Card and invite every single one of you to do the same:

Mahmood Red Carding the Parliament and telling them to resign.




  1. ammaro

    its amazing how they decide to let go of EVERYTHING ELSE just because they can’t agree on one issue. ok, I agree that there maybe discrepancies regarding this questioning issue. Don’t rule it out. But don’t for God’s sake displace the whole session just because of that! We have other things that need to be attended to!

    Sexy pic Mahmood. Ladies should be drooling all over you.

  2. Rebel Without A Clue

    Is it not about time we took a stand against this and organised a Demonstration against this parliament in order for it to be dessolved.
    Is this not what democracy is all about? Maybe if we did and these 40 Bafoons who think very highly of themselves would be forced into resignation and the next lot who come in would realise that there is actually some responsibility to being a MP, and that it is not all about covering up maniquins and burning flags.
    If we take into account the amount of money that has gone into paying these Infintile Morons, for those of you who dont know
    Approx BD 3250 Per Bafoon
    Multiply that by 40 then by 12 and then by 4
    to get what it costs the country per Term.
    Lets sign a petition and send it to the King in order that some sort of action be taken.

  3. Rebel Without A Clue

    By the way, sorry about the bad spelling. It was never my forte.

  4. ammaro

    rebel; that’s only what it costs to pay their salaries (about 1.5mill per year). the real loss, however, is their failure to actually achieve anything to move this nation forward. That, my friend, is a loss incurred that is so much bigger than their combined salaries.

    i think these fools need to be made an example of, so the next time someone decides to run for parliament, they’ll think twice before assuming that the job just means hanging around the hall and discussing mindless issues that dont serve any real purpose

  5. NewMe

    this is a joke!
    problem is the next one will not be any better!
    i have simply lost hope!
    they have done nothing and will continue doing nothing!
    Such a waste!
    with lotsa luv

  6. Salman

    If the constitution gives them the right to question a minister or any person involved in the government, I cannot see why they cannot fight for their right to practice the laws of our Kingdom.

    You should be careful here Mahmood, you are contradicting yourself a bit. You always say that we should all follow the law and no one should be above it, yet here you do not want other people to fight for the same right?

    I agree, you might say there are other important matters that need to be carried on with. But is this not considered a serious matter? Someone has been accused of trying to sow hatred in between us Bahrainis, I cannot see why he will not step up and be a man and allow himself to be questioned, if he had nothing to hide.

    Whatever happened to the democracy that you always say you wish we had? I believe this is a start, where no one is above the law.

    If you let this slip now, then you let another other slip, and then another.

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  8. Capt. Arab

    Then what….
    Allow another batch of fools in with their own agenda, at our expense… Back to square one? Just imagine if they had the power to form their own government…

  9. Lee Ann

    What do you expect from 40 men who generally didnt have any experience going into the job…and the public that voted them in seemed ok with that? You get what you vote for….right?

  10. Mohamed H

    A lot of us have been thinking it and finally someone said it out loud. Good job Mahmood. Our country deserves better.

  11. monline

    Good one Mahmood..

    The Government is sofar the smartest player on the ground..
    The problem is that these people are nothing but the product of the society.. they are not coming from Mars or the Sun.. The Bahraini people are the one who elected them.. These same examples are yet to be re-elected over and over again..

    If you go over their Resumes, if they have any, you’d not be surprise on the output..

    The best of all, the government are enjoying the show, watching our dog-fights.. Better serve them some popcorn and coke!!

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