More bad news.. this time from the Economist

4 Apr, '08

The Economist Cover pictureSkepticism is the feeling du jour as far as reporting about Bahrain is concerned, it seems. Here’s how the Economist covered it:

Wefaq must now deal with one of the trickiest sectarian issues raised by its supporters: a widespread rumour that the government is handing out passports to Sunnis from other countries in an attempt to turn the Shias into a minority. These fears were raised in a report in 2006 by a former government adviser, Salah al-Bandar, who said he had confidential government documents revealing such a plan, The government hotly denies any such thing. The row has flared up again with the publication of government statistics that show the population jumping by 41% last year and the number of citizens growing by 15%, against a previous rate of 2.4%.

I disagree with this premise, it’s not just Wefaq’s issue to explain those utterly ludicrous explanations given by Voldemort as to the sudden hike in our numbers, but the whole country, and now, the world, who need clear and unambiguous answers to this heinous situation.

The Economist‘s skepticism continues:

This week, just before its officials were to attend a UN meeting to review Bahrain’s human-rights record, the government said it would set up a new human-rights task-force. What a coincidence.

I’m sure some brightspark will try to attack the Economist as a left-wing Imperialist propaganda pamphlet not worthy of consideration; nevertheless, what we all feel on a daily basis puts paid to those kind of pseudo-intellectual drivel.

Thanks Emma for the heads-up.

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  1. Merlin says:

    The Financial Times in London has been running huge 2 page ads on “Business Friendly Bahrain” (I assume paid for by the EDB). The same ad appears in the edition of the Economist you refer to, the same edition that wipes out any notion that an investor who sees that ad may react….

  2. mahmood says:

    They’re running a television commercial on BBC World (and I presume other majors) which is quite innovative (a developing smile).
    The potential is there, the whole world realises this, all we need is proper political will to move. The danger of missing this window of opportunity will be devastating.

  3. Loki says:

    I won’t comment on this particular article as I haven’t read it. But, based on the snippets you provided It seems to be a fair reflection of what’s going on.

    although I love reading the economist, most of their predictions are BS and they have a very bad track record at getting it right ( the Iraq war for one!).

  4. Just me says:

    The Economist is NOT left-wing by any standards.
    The populatin figures are astonishing, and undoubtedly this is putting more pressure on the economy and inflation. If the government needs to be held to account for one thing, it needs to be its unresponsible policy of tajnees political naturalisation.

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