Who’s gonna take it?

4 Apr, '08

So who’s gonna take the trophy at the Bahrain Grand Prix?


Whoever predicts the 1st AND 2nd positions (enter a comment please) gets 10 “Just Bahraini” buttons and 3 wrist bands.

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  1. Joel Portman says:

    Where’s Massa?

  2. mahmood says:

    Do you honestly believe that he has enough concentration to make it through a race? 😯

  3. Joel Portman says:


  4. mahmood says:

    Oh all right then. I’ll add him on now… but I just watch Kubica put on a fantastic performance handing BMW their first pole of the season, so good luck to them tomorrow.

  5. Joel Portman says:

    I go for Massa then Raikkonen


  6. Ali Ghuloom says:

    Sorry, but Raikkonen then Massa

  7. Joel Portman says:

    Actually, I agree with you Ali, but I didn’t want to start chopping and changing. I guess we all agree that it is a pity that what counts is the car much more than the driver. Similarly in athletics, the man-to-man sport is muddied by the role of drugs. Oh for the age of innocence and amateurism!

  8. Jett says:

    Kovalainin 1st Raikkonen 2nd.

  9. Abu Arron says:

    Well, it’s snowing HEAVILY in London this morning. Maybe if Bahrain gets some snow it’ll give Lewis the edge. Yeah, I know. 🙄

  10. mahmood says:

    I’m for Raikkonen 1st and Hamilton 2nd.

  11. Abu Arron says:

    I’ll go for Raikkonen 1st, Hamilton 2nd.

    Kubica 3rd? Now that I’d love to see. About time Frank got some payback.

    Mosley bringing up the rear?

  12. mahmood says:

    Well well well, so Massa took it, followed by Raikkonen and then Kubica. It was a relatively uneventful race, just 3 cars out of the running. But what the hell happened to Hamilton at the start? Lapse of concentration? And did that bastard Alonso intentionally suddenly brake?

  13. Joel Portman says:

    BTW, if I’ve won the sweepstake, I’d be honouredto receive instead an autographed photo of your good self, Mahmood – or if that is not feasible, just your fraternal greetings


  14. Abu Arron says:

    Alonso? It wouldn’t surprise me! But what does is that McLaren aren’t insisting on an enquiry to see if he did hit the brakes or ease off the gas. Strange

  15. mahmood says:

    Joel, friendship is always welcome… plus, I the mugshot is still at the printers, they tell me they have to do quite a bit of photoshop work to make it ready for the marketplace! 😉

  16. Ali Ghuloom says:

    Congrat. Joel, Massa was great from the start. Raikknon was great too (atleat i got the first two right 😀 )

  17. Jett says:

    Mahmood..where are your usual assortment of great pictures from the Grand Prix? Looking forward to seeing what you took!

  18. mahmood says:

    I didn’t because unfortunately I didn’t go. We had a shoot that day that I didn’t want to get out of. Hopefully next time.

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