11 Apr, '08

Bubsheer, originally uploaded by malyousif.

Dragonfly in my garden this morning flying around the pond which is surrounded by various kinds of sunflowers. The pond is also home to two frogs, so I don’t think that this fly will last long!

Still, dragonflies are considered harbingers of good luck in Bahraini culture. The name they are given locally is "bubsheer" – which literally means "father of good tidings"

So I hope this picture will bring you much luck and happiness this Friday and weekend, my friends.

Have a wonderful, safe and peaceful weekend.

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  1. Barry says:

    Great photo Mahmood!

    The best thing about dragonflies is that they catch pest insects and eat them (though they do eat the “pretty” ones like butterflies).

    One of the neat things I’ve read is that in Japan, children play a game where they tie pebbles to the ends of a strand of hair, toss it in the air. Dragonflies mistake it for prey, get caught in the hair and pulled to the ground by the pebbles.

  2. Acad Ronin says:

    Great photo. However, I still think the one of the dragonfly landing on your finger is more powerful. 🙂

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