Ugh! Why?

11 Apr, '08

horrible and vile stuff!

This is a bloody foul cup of tea! Why would anyone take a perfectly good beverage and then go artsyfartsy on us with it? Absolutely vile! Bleaargh! tfu tfu

Any other beverages you have come across which match this muck?

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  1. Barry says:

    See, I’m pretty snobbish when it comes to tea. I don’t like tea with milk or sugar in it. I make a slight exception for Chai, however. I believe that teas should be consumed without flavorants except what the tea already has. I gasped once when a friend put sugar in a Chinese variety of tea. I despise the green tea drinks with sugar in them (I mean, you just don’t do that to green tea).

    I believe that if you want something sweet and creamy, get a coffee.

  2. Redbelt says:

    I got a selection of teas from Lipton.It has russian earl gray and several fruit flavours.
    I say to each his own, I find some flavours good for some times. Fruit teas are brilliant before bed. They really relax you!

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