“Gulf Idol” lands in jail!

15 Apr, '08

If you’re a Muslim, you know how sensitive Muslims are about their religion. Heck, wars are still being waged for what some might regard as frivolous excuses. So going on a stunt like the following demonstrates either the stupidity of the person in question, or maybe that alcohol is really not good for you as it impairs one’s judgement.

3 أشهر لخليجي غنى في مكبر صوت مسجد

أدانت المحكمة الصغرى الجنائية الخامسة برئاسة القاضي علي الكعبي وأمانة سر محمد مكي أمس (الاثنين) بحبس متهم خليجي 3 أشهر بتهمة تعد بإحدى الطرق العلانية على الدين الإسلامي بأن دخل مسجداً بحذائه والسيجارة بيده، وقام بالغناء. وتعود تفاصيل القضية إلى أن المتهم قام بالغناء داخل مسجد جسر الملك فهد وهو مرتد حذاءه والسيجارة في يده، وعند سماع رجال الأمن صوت غناء يصدر من مكبر صوت المسجد قاموا بالقبض عليه.

The Lower Criminal Court yesterday (Monday) sentenced a Gulf national to three months in jail after entering the King Fahad Causeway mosque without removing his shoes and while smoking a cigarette. He also proceeded to sing a song through the mosque’s pubic address system. The court charged him with denigrating the Islamic religion in a public way. Causeway police arrested the gentleman when they heard his singing on the mosque’s loudspeakers.
Al-Wasat – 15 Apr 2008

What a twerp! The fool should be thankful for being caught and sentenced in Bahrain. Had that been a few meters away – literally – he would have gotten a lot more than he bargained for. Head chopping wouldn’t be too severe I should think.

Unfortunately the news piece did not carry any information about the song being sung. Has anyone any idea what it might be?

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  1. Abu Arron says:

    Always look on the bright side of life?!

  2. Redbelt says:

    Such Irony. Shows how far he is from what was supposed to be his religion.

  3. I think it is good what have they done to him, seriously! I think they should keep him in jail for 3 years not months, for GOD’s sake what was going through his head when he went and sang in a mosque’s microphone?

    plus he is a Muslim I assume which makes the concept very weird for me, anyway I hope he sings in jail I guess some of the inmates would love his voice, if you know what I’m talking about.

  4. Eyad says:

    I laughed so hard when i read this in today’s newspaper, I mean, what the hell was this guy thinking!! it is wrong period that I will not argue, but to have the guts to show up in a mosque, with a ciggi and sing in the loud speaker!! damn, I wonder how Mohamed Khaled reacted.

  5. Abu Arron says:

    I’ve changed my mind. He was probably singing an old UK sixties number called “They’re coming to take me away”. Click on the link below for the un-nerving words and music.


  6. Barry says:

    My view on alcohol is that it doesn’t impair judgement, but it drops all of your inhibitions.

    Anyway, considering he IS from that area and knows how serious it is to do something like that, I have to hand it to him for the massive size of his brass balls.

  7. laila says:

    Funny, you sing you get 3 monthes of jail time. However if he had gotten on that microphone and said some racist, hateful and intolerant things about Christians or Jews or non-Muslims, he probably would of got a cheer from the crowd.

    You know what they say, it’s all about song selection.

  8. Sam says:

    That did make me laugh, but I think his sentence was far too heavy handed.

    He should have been locked up for an entire day or night until he sobered up, and then charged with fixed fine for disorderly conduct in public.
    He didn’t damage property or harm anyone.

    10 Dinars says serial child rapists will be let free before he does!

  9. mmmm,
    Lemme guess the song, (Ba7ebak Ya 7mar)!

  10. Mike says:

    Brave Laila
    I am watching Pakistan to see when they start burning Bahraini flags in the streets.

  11. Adrian says:

    I think you are wrong, he would have been sent to prison anyway, what he has done is insulting islam!
    He had to be drunk I think, because if not, I would understand why a guy from a Muslim country would do that knowing what the consecuences can be. In KSA he probably would be dead I think.

  12. laila says:

    “What he has done is insulting Islam”

    Come on’! If you consider that insulting Islam, then I wonder what those other atrocities committed by Muslims are call. Look no further than Bahrain’s backyard the Saudi’s-that’s really insulting Islam. Consider the way foreign workers are treated in this Muslim country, that’s insulting Islam. Consider the standard of education, that’s insulting Islam. Especially with all the offensive literature under the guise of Islam, that’s insulting Islam. The high levels of sexual assult, that nobody wants to address and other issues that Muslim and non-Muslim women face, that’s insulting Islam. Consider the intolerant views between Sunni’s and Shi’s, that’s insulting Islam. Etc. etc.

    This guy was just a scapegoat,for pent up frustrations of the many failures people in this region are faced with.

    500-5000+ hours of community service picking up trash or whatever, would of work. Islam is supposed to serve you and bring you out of darkness, not you serving Islam.

    Of all the problems this nation faces, this guy steals the limelight 😆 .

  13. laila says:

    Even, the government trying to defend its abuse of the electoral districts, that’s insulting Islam. For there to be *only* one man (Shanwali)brave enough to challenge this injustice, that’s insulting Islam.

    The average arab male is the only one allowed to insult Islam on a daily basis.

    The guy that entered the Mosque doesn’t count, he doesn’t qualify as average.

  14. Ethan says:

    “….that is insulting Islam….”

    What an amazing statement. I never actually noticed the semantics before – but hear me out.

    How can Islam be insulted? The charge is not that the Prophet is insulted, or that Allah is insulted – I would assume that the deity and some prophet would be above a silly person’s actions.

    …Unless of course they have thin skin and can brook no silliness. I tend to think that the Divinity is larger than human foibles.

    But insulting Islam? That’s like saying ‘insulting communism’ or ‘insulting socialism’. It’s not even blasphemy. It’s the state trying to co-opt a deity. You cannot insult Islam unless you’re actually worshipping Islam.

    Which you aren’t right?

    The forms and rituals of Islam are not what are being worshiped right?

    You’re worshipping Allah, right? Not the Prophet, not the rituals, not the Hajji Imam at the head of the Masjid?

    Because unless you’re worshpping the action of worship, then wearing shoes and being boisterous is not an affront to the Deity. It is only an affront to the culture of worship.

    And last I checked, the Deity is so far above human understanding, we cannot know his thoughts exactly.

    For all we know, he laughed.

    Now wouldn’t that be amusing. 😀

  15. laila says:

    Ethan, I hear you man! In this region there’s more punishments handed out then rewards. You can’t blame them if they like rough 😈

    But do you really know how to make God laugh, easy; by making plans for the future. 😆

  16. Lee Ann says:

    “insulting Islam”…now thats a laugh…the very men who usually thunder these words from the minbar on Friday…are usually worst insulters of Islam…as a punishment they should be forced to stand in front of the mosque on Friday and sing…Who Let the Dogs Out…with proper sound effects and dress….

    its a sad state of affairs when Muslim Men are allowed to make the rules…and enforce them on everyone but themselves.

  17. Adrian says:

    Well, first of all, insulting islam is a way of speaking, what I mean with that is a lack of respect to muslims. Maybe you didn’t give it the same meaning, because I am not very fluent in english, but in my language it has the meaning I wanted to give.
    And secondly, not all muslims are equal! I respect and love my wife, and I respect all the other women too. What you see happening in Saudi Arabia cannot be applied to all muslims, it’s not fair, like saying that all Americans are stupid.
    And thirdly, why do you get so mad at the comment I made? It’s just a point of view (that I mantain) but no human being, has the absolute truth! I think that what the world really needs (and I include muslims) is to respect different religions, cultures etc. and accept that there is never ONE truth.

  18. Ethan says:

    And secondly, not all muslims are equal!

    I’m confused. Aren’t all Muslims equally submissive to Allah?

  19. Adrian says:

    We have the same God, but different points of view, or do you really think that all muslims are terrorists for example?

  20. laila says:

    Hey Adrian, thanks for clearing up that meaning. It makes more sense when you mean “disrespecting Muslims”, but Muslims are the ones that disrespect other Muslims the most. And no, there were no harsh emotions like anger attached to that response. I do respect your point view!

    Adrian, that’s very sweet that you respect woman, but those same men who abuse their wife’s and daughters also claim to love and respect them too. There’s a denial in this region about the treatment of women. Come on’ Adrian, there’s also human rights abuse, are we going deny that as well? What happens in Saudi Arabia happens all over the world but in different degrees. Yes we have people who abuse others as well but the difference is we don’t feign ignorance and we persecute them to the fullest degree of the law. There’s no denying the fact, that there are stereotypes of Arab men portrayed as inconsiderate and un-courteous toward women. Does every Arab male fit this profile, hell, no, they don’t. However the region does have a higher degree of injustice towards vulnerable people-including women, foreign workers etc.

    Adrian, there is without doubt, inadequate protection of these people. Even the laws contradict themselves and leave these people open to harm. For example the law released stating the legal minimum age of marriage for women is 15 years old and up and 17 for men. Is that protection for women, is it even fair? Had they set the same law for both males and females and stated 16 years of age is another thing. Even barbaric practice of female genital mutilation is not outlawed. Its not just physical or emotional harm, were talking about psychological harm. Even the way the courts handle women cases—unjustly. Etc. Etc. Etc. And now you want to pretend you’re not like Saudi’s, your not, but you’re closer to there standards than we are.

    And yes we do not deny that fact that we have some stupid people in America, really, really stupid people. We don’t refuse to acknowledge the existence of unpleasant facts; we recognize and deal with it. In the gulf area there’s this scary passive behavior.
    We never hear of any men defending women’s right, in particularly the clerics, yes we understand the empty barrel makes the makes the most noise—it’s not supposed too. You know what they say; overcoming Denial is the first step to recovery.

  21. Mahmood: “Unfortunately the news piece did not carry any information about the song being sung. Has anyone any idea what it might be?”

    “White Christmas”?

  22. Lee Ann says:

    99 bottles of beer on the wall? 😛 😛

  23. Adrian says:

    laila, you have an interesting point of view. It’s true that women are treated better in western countries, but if you look at history, for example in the UK, it took undreds of years of parliamentary democracy to give the women’s vote; but here, thanks to God, it has taken much less to give the women vote. So yes, in most Arab countries women’s rights are going slow for you, but if you look at Western history, it’s going very quick!
    But you can’t change everything in one day, it would be catastrophic to the society.
    Saudi Arabia is a speacial case I think, there the law is Sharia, but here we have a constitution and a parliament. There is nothing I would like to see more than all humanbeings respecting each other no matter their sex, religion or culture.

  24. Ethan says:

    “It’s true that women are treated better in western countries, but if you look at history, for example in the UK, it took undreds of years of parliamentary democracy to give the women’s vote; but here, thanks to God, it has taken much less to give the women vote.”

    This is a fundamental misunderstanding of how things work.

    An analogy: It took many different people hundreds of years through false starts and failures to develop a working airplane. But look, within the past 50 years we have created planes that can break the speed of sound!

    In Britain as well as most of the West, it took many centuries to develop the idea of the equality of Women, and to allow women to have a real voice in not only government but over their own selves.

    And you, Adrian, come along as say “Well, in the ME, we didn’t take as long”. Of course you didn’t. You already had a model to work on – the model that the West had fought hard for and worked toward. God had nothing to do with that.

    And even so, the model of Women’s “Rights” in the Middle East is not even half as good as in the West. Allah has stated that the testimony of a woman is worth half that of a man, and that women cannot inherit more than their brothers. Women are routinely forced by law or social custom to wear specific clothing to enforce gender stereotypes and gender apartheid. There are nations in which women still do not have the right to vote in every election or at all.

    So, yes. In the west, for all of our foibles, women are treated better – and it has nothing to do with how long it took for us to get here, because women still have a far loftier position here in the West than in most of the world.

  25. Adrian says:

    Ethan, it’s true that we have a model that the West didn’t have as they were the first modern democracies, but i really think that changes can’t be done in one day. To give the women’s vote, you do not only have to pass a law, you have to convince both, men and women, that it is a right they have as equal human being; but the truth is that in some islamic countries, the majority of women don’t want to vote, that’s a fact.
    But if you compare how things are going in the UAE, Bahrain and Kuwait to how they are going in Saudi Arabia (which is an absolute monachy for BOTH, women and men,) then we are going very fast. I think you always have to be very careful when doing such big changes, even if you have good intention, it can have dramatic effects.
    Western countries are quiet stable nowadays, but look at what happened in Iran, they had a revolution and now instead of looking to the future, it seems to me that they wanna go back to the past.
    The transition in Spain took many years (1975-1982), and only now they are making laws to honor the republican soldiers of the civil war (and those laws are VERY controversial even today), so if it is taking so much in a Western country, imagine change in a conserative country. Things in the Arabian Gulf States (exept KSA) are going fast, but not too much so there are no trubles.

  26. Aliandra says:

    Ethan, Adrian;
    Historically European woman had started from a superior status to begin with, compared to most other cultures.

    And in some Native American cultures, women held an even better position. Among the Iroquois, for example, women wielded actual political power in the Confederacy. Only they could apppoint the members of the council of chiefs.

    I say we all go for the Iroquois model, sans scalpings :mrgreen:

  27. Ethan says:

    To give the women’s vote, you do not only have to pass a law, you have to convince both, men and women, that it is a right they have as equal human being; but the truth is that in some islamic countries, the majority of women don’t want to vote, that’s a fact.

    It’s easy to say that women have the vote then, isn’t it? Feign full suffrage, but then crawl back and say that “women don’t want to vote”. It’s not because they don’t want to, but they haven’t ever been treated as human beings to begin with – so they don’t know how to think critically about things or even think for themselves.

    Women had to fight to break the patriarchical ways of the West. Women who fight in the ME get locked in rooms or murdered for honor. It was never the same in the West.

  28. Adrian says:

    Yes, sure. Women have always been treated with respect in the West, hahaha.

  29. laila says:

    Its true the U.S. also borrowed heavily from Native American system of using chiefs. This became the U.S. check and balances for the congress and senates. In Native American history, the women would get together and choice the next appropriate chief out of the men that present themselves.

    Sorry Ethan, but most of the things you said about Islam and women is like what Adrian said a specific interpretation. There are many different interpretations or different school of thought of Islam. On important fact is that the Quran gave women the right to vote in the 6-7th century. At that time Muslim women were given the right to vote before any other women. It was said that Prophet Mohamed (pbuh) did not want people to stop at that point, but to go further and push the horizon with women’s rights. If 6-7th century mostly illiterate Arabs could go so far without fear of breaking their society. What would one expect of the 21st century Arab who is knowledgeable and educated? The basic rights of women in the Quran were taken and multiplied times ten in the West.

    Just look at what happened the other day in Yemen. An 8 year old girl was married to a 32 year old male. She told the courts he would beat and rape her (a babe). The judge said “I applaud her bravery for coming forth on her own to get this marriage dissolved”. The judge gave her a divorce and removed her from her father’s authority. Not to mention that, that he ordered her family pay her “husband” $250 for his inconvenience or dowry. WTF kind of a message is that? He raped a child; the man is a child molester a pedophile. He committed the crime of having sex with a child, and he was not punished or sentence nor humiliated in court. But he was given money for raping that child. Her father was not punished for giving his child to a pedophile. The cleric or whoever married them was not punished (he was aware of the crime). They said this is a common practice. If children are not protected in a society, why argue about women rights.

    Listen this happens all over the world, it even happened in the U.S. Jeff Warrens would marry young girls of 13 years of age to older men. He was found guilty of two counts of rape as an accomplice and given 10 years to life.

    The point is how slow do people in the middle-east want to go? The world is moving forward, did you expect the world to stop and wait? We are not going to wait for you.

  30. Lee Ann says:

    A favorite saying of Arabs is that “we want change but change takes time”…how much time does it take to treat women as equals…to treat foreign laborers as humans ….to treat non Muslims/Arabs with respect and equal regard? It takes no time at all…if thats something you really believe is the right thing to do….if you dont believe it…then it can take centuries….with or without Gods guidance.

  31. So does he have a good voice? I’m looking for new talent to sign up. 😆

  32. Ethan says:

    Yes, sure. Women have always been treated with respect in the West, hahaha.

    I never said that – I said that women had to fight the patriarchy to get their rights.

  33. Milad says:

    a big +1 to Laila from me


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