The M.Report – S01E02

18 Apr, '08

The second episode. In this one, I talk about my exasperation with our parliament, my winning the first prize in the recent garden show and other assorted subjects.

This episode was recorded and broadcast on Thursday 17 April, ’08

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  1. heraish says:

    You should post an Arabic version of this as well.

  2. Yousif says:

    Well-done Mahmood! I think it’s a good approach using this method of communication. It reminds me with what a guy called Obaid Alkarki is doing. Please let us know the technique once its available with you.
    Best regards.

  3. mahmood says:

    Thanks Yousif. I’m uploading the third installment into, which does not have the silly 10 minute limit of YouTube AND is much better quality and delivery methods.

    These things change on a daily basis of course, so I’m doing research on how best to do this vlogging. I have a feeling that I will have to host the original files here and distribute the other flavours elsewhere of even host them here. I’ll see how things go.

  4. If ur still exploring where to upload ur vids, I’ve tried and quite like it.

  5. heraish says:

    If you post in Arabic the parliamentarians will be better able to understand what you are trying to say. Also the voters who voted these people in. By the way how is the relationship between the two main sunni parties. Are they getting along or do they bicker among themselves? Also, regardless of sect there should be enough common issues of concern that all parties can agree upon to pressure the al-khalifa government to change.

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