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20 Apr, '08

This post will be a running record of my experience with Zain@Home and compare that with Batelco’s offering as I experience it on a daily basis.

They have just connected the equipment at home and it’s working. I didn’t do any tweaks or fine-tuning (if there are any, let me know please) so it’s a raw connection. The antenna is turned toward Saar which is about 3 kilometres away rather than the tower immediately opposite our house, a mere 20 meters, because the latter has not been switched on yet for some reason.

I’ve done some very quick preliminary tests on the connection immediately they installed it through and the efficiency is much better than Batelco. I’ll post a comparison this evening when I get home.

For now, here’s the (frustrating) results we get at the office this afternoon. There is no other user on the network other than me running the tests:

batelco adsl efficiency chart

Dispicable isn’t it?

Note that the last two upload figures were tagged as possibly the upload has signs of being compressed, so those last two figures should be disregarded. But to get an average download efficiency of just 37% on average for all the servers is diabolical, especially when we are assured time and again that as a business tariffed customer, we get better contention ratio, which means that we should average much better than this crap with Batelco, but what we end up with is a ridiculous download speed of 330kbps.

When you go to the average upload speed, the real thing I was suffering from since the weekend as I couldn’t upload the daily M.Report (thanks Fashelco!), the efficiency there is a mere 23%! That means the connection – if it was running at all – was running at approximately 58kbps!

This situation is actually endemic as well, we have never enjoyed a “proper” – okay, anything better than 50% efficiency – with Batelco in the office, ever.

Dial-up speeds for BD125 ($330) anyone?

Let me test the Zain@Home for a few months and if it proves good enough, then you can guess what my next step is going to be. But its early days yet. I’ll keep a beedy eye on Zain@Home and let you know my experiences with it.

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  1. abood says:

    i never realised just how bad it is until I went to university in england. 10Mbps up/down for £55 a YEAR! I nearly cried (tears of joy)

  2. Beck says:

    What was Batelco’s excuse with the low speed? location of your office being far away from their exchange perhaps?

  3. mahmood says:

    Well, I just did a Speedtest and the result is vastly different, it could have been a temporary (week-long) glitch.

    Here are the results to a NY server:

    I’ll do the same at home with Zain and post the result.

    Will keep an eye on things for a while and record the findings, hopefully over time we will get a clearer picture.

  4. mahmood says:

    Just did another test at and got:

    613kbps download / 252 kbps upload / 111ms latency

  5. Sam says:

    Mahmood – I think you should be testing your connection using local Bahrain based servers (the orange pyramid on speedtest’s website). That’s the only way you’ll get a somewhat accurate results of your connection’s performance. You have to compare like-for-like. And as for ping response times, it is the ping response between your connection & your ISP (or a bahrain based server) which matters the most.

  6. mahmood says:

    Although technically you are correct, I think that as the majority of visited sites are hosted in the States, doing a “local” test is really immaterial and impractical.

    And if I do the tests on BOTH compared services using the same test host and applications, then we should come out with a reasonable comparison for people to base their decisions on.

  7. Sam says:

    Your right – i was just trying to make a point that if you’ve got a crap connection between your home and your ISP, that “crapiness” is then passed on when you make contact the rest of the ‘cloud’. πŸ˜†

  8. mahmood says:

    Here’s the speed result:

    (I did the test a few times just to make sure that the numbers aren’t bogus! I’m going to test the connection now with and post)

  9. mahmood says:

    On, the results to New York are

    1305kbps down / 154kbps up / 168ms
    (this is the standard WiMax 2Mbps connection)

  10. mahmood says:

    I have a feeling that tests using are a bit generous. Any other test services you know and trust?

  11. mahmood says:

    Here’s another I just did through my laptop on a wireless connection:

    and here’s DSLReports:

  12. Kiwi Nomad says:

    We’re up and running now with Zain@home. My test results:

  13. Kiwi Nomad says:

    Ooops link didn’t work. Try again.
    <a href=”“>

  14. Kiwi Nomad says:

    I give up… download 1399 kb/s, upload 438 kb/s, latency 293m, through Linkline LA via

  15. don vito says:

    Can you please post some results using this test on both connections

    Also would you please send trace routes using both connections to the ip address of the newyork server listed on

  16. Sam says:

    πŸ˜† Mahmood your going to reach your download quota quicker than you think doing all these speed tests for us!!

  17. I says:

    Using ‘’ i’m getting download at 498 and upload at 383 on my Batelco account. I’ve also checked it on Speednet and the download is 488, upload is 122. Is this typical for a residency in Riffa with the BD 30 per month account?
    I don’t know what the speeds are supposed to be, but it seems slow. It slows down at different times of day, and at weekends. This is even though I’m the only subscriber on the domestic line. No other people using the net in the house.
    I’d be interested in the results of this exercise since I’m convinced I’m not getting value for money, like many others.


  18. mahmood says:

    For the Zain connection:
    On I get an average of 96K/s (4 tests)

    On I get:
    Download: 1,084,200 bps
    Upload: 130,640 bps
    QOS: 10%
    RTT: 25 ms
    MaxPause: 1461 ms

    And have a look at this:

    Weird huh?

  19. Loki says:

    is this is a 1mb leased line at your office or dsl??

  20. mahmood says:

    ADSL in the office. 1MB/256k

  21. Redbelt says:

    You are a life saver Mahmood.
    I was going to do the same thing that you are doing with this post but with light speed and run it in paralel with you (that would’ve been great) but Batelco didn’t install a new line to my apartment and sounds like they don’t plan to. Guess I HAVE to go with the Zain route.
    I’ll keep a keen eye on this post too.

    ❗ GO MAHMOOD GO! ❗

  22. Loki says:

    As Sam pointed out. Surely your speed should be judged by a local server (as useless as it is). The latency you experience is down to physical distance and number of peering hops you need to make to get to the server your are pinging. I would be very surprised if Zain, Lightspeed, and Batelco gave different results as they [presumably] all use the same connections to leave the island.

  23. Eyad says:

    Mahmood, I would be interested to know the latency to a few websites if thatÒ€ℒs nit much to ask.


    I have had it with Batelco, and been asking a few guys to run some tests from lightspeed as well, latency means a whole lot to me since I spend hours gaming online.


  24. mahmood says:

    Would average pings and traceroutes do Eyad? I could do that.

    Loki, I can post the results using a couple of services to see what the local connections are.

  25. mahmood says:


    — ping statistics —
    10 packets transmitted, 10 packets received, 0% packet loss
    round-trip min/avg/max/stddev = 281.788/313.525/365.905/30.376 ms

    — ping statistics —
    10 packets transmitted, 10 packets received, 0% packet loss
    round-trip min/avg/max/stddev = 160.604/179.037/246.010/25.507 ms

    — ping statistics —
    10 packets transmitted, 9 packets received, 10% packet loss
    round-trip min/avg/max/stddev = 329.078/362.633/441.065/33.311 ms

    — ping statistics —
    10 packets transmitted, 9 packets received, 10% packet loss
    round-trip min/avg/max/stddev = 276.536/308.942/381.804/41.090 ms

    — ping statistics —
    10 packets transmitted, 10 packets received, 0% packet loss
    round-trip min/avg/max/stddev = 251.877/299.463/374.010/42.168 ms

  26. mahmood says:

    Redbelt we can pool and coordinate our tests. If anyone here has a Lightspeed connection, please let me know and we can formulate a suit of tests to run to compare actual results.

  27. Redbelt says:

    Great. Whatever connection I end up getting I’ll link it to yours. I’ll try to get to a Zain “EXPERIENCE” shop today.

  28. Eyad says:

    Mahmood, thast exactly what I want, cant wait for the zain pings.

    below are lightspeed’s numbers:

    No packet loss, and god damn your connection sucks! I have the same connection at home and it doesnt get as bad as that.

  29. Sam says:


    I recently had lightspeed installed on a second landline but I was very very dissapointed in their customer service, support, troubleshooting, and most importantly – the performance of my line so I had no choice but to cancel 19 days later. There was no contract – only a 15BD cancellation fee.

    I had 150-160ms ping responses from local servers, My max throughput never ever cam close to what i was paying for which was 256k. It used to max out at 220-224kbps. My Batelco 256k maxes at around 240-250k as you can see from my last post with my results.

    And, I don’t know what the technical term is for this, but it would take around 6-8 seconds for my lightspeed connection to actually reach it’s max speed.As I had Batelco & Lightspeed running at the same time on different lines, I did a little test with a few websites – turns out my THROTTLED 256k connection from Batelco (at 128k) outperformed my unlimited 256k connection from Lightspeed when it came to how quick websites would load! – and yes I cleared caches, cookies etc, and used the same computer .

  30. Eyad says:


    thats exactly what I wanted, and that connection is really bad in your office, I have the saem connection at home and its not as bad TBH.

    latency from lightspeed:

    test one:,Max:165ms,Avg:158ms “ wasnt working”: Min:156ms,Max:175ms,avg:165ms.,Max:301ms,Average:287ms.

    test two:

  31. You can ask Aref to try some multiplayer online game and give his feedback.

  32. Sam says:


    Maybe you should consider Zain@Work for your office.

    You get a 4Mbps connection via WiMax and it will only cost you 400 dinars a month!!!!

    Plus BD 50 installation charge,
    Plus BD 4 a month equipment rental,
    Plus a 1.5 year contract

    I think that has got to win the world’s most expensive 4Mbps connection!! πŸ˜†

  33. Milad says:

    Mahmood, im a Zain user too, my neighbor has one too, Batelco has no lines in our area. Anyways, my neighbor said that ti was going slow so he called Zain Tech Support and they came over and repositioned his antenna to a different direction and now he reaches speeds up to 3 mb.

    the thing is with zain packages is that they all downgrade to 128 kbps when you exceed your bandwith. Also, they offer a 2mb package with a 6 gig threshold. Wth? you can finish 6 gigs with 2mbps in like 5 days.

  34. palouse says:

    Date 21/04/08 15:25:03
    Speed Down 955.32 Kbps ( 0.9 Mbps )
    Speed Up 427.47 Kbps ( 0.4 Mbps )
    Port 8095

    60 BD month 2MB akbar haramia feshelco.

  35. Sam says:

    I’ve just done a speed test using my 256k connection here on Amwaj Island with my ISP Nuetel.

    I pay BD20 a month for 256k bi-directional speed so I get 256k download and upload speed – plus no download limit which is great if your a torrent king (or queen)!

    Link to follow at the bottom once Mahmood approves it.

    Everytime I’ve done a speed test I’ve got really good results for my buck. Probably due to the very very low contention ratio on this ghost town of an island! 😯

  36. Hassan2 says:

    Here’s my test results using Lightspeed 2MB:

    1. Speedtest to NY:

    2.Lightspeed speedtest (on Lightspeed’s website, click on ‘Support’ at the top, you will see the test link on your left)

    Speed test statistics


    Download speed: 1720368 bps

    Upload speed: 450304 bps

    Quality of service: 95 %

    Download test type: socket

    Upload test type: socket

    Maximum download pause: 134 ms

    Average download pause: 6 ms

    Minimum round trip time to server: 20 ms

    Average round trip time to server: 296 ms


    4. (


    also tried World of Warcraft (MMORPG) and getting 150ms on a European server which is good.

    5. iTunes download (480MB file) – 62minutes

    so just about what i expected


  37. milter says:

    Sorry, but I can’t help it!

    How would you like an unlimited, problem free, almost full speed 15Mbps down and 1Mbps up connection at 28 BHD a month?

  38. mahmood says:

    bastard! πŸ‘Ώ

    you didn’t need to do that… now where is that green card application gone?

  39. Ahmed says:

    milter, is this batelco’s new package they will launch soon?

  40. Ahmed, Batelco will never release an unlimited package anytime soon.
    Their new package is just a stupid voip phone with a stupid DSL connection.

  41. milter says:


    Maybe I should have mentioned that to get that kind of connection you’d have to move to Denmark with all the drawbacks of such a move, i.e. high taxes, petrol at 805 fils/liter, cheapest Toyota Corolla at 18.700 BHD, etc. etc.

  42. Loki says:

    …and Danish people

  43. milter says:


    You’re so right. Where did you hear about the Danish people?

    But at least our internet connections are good and cheap and our politicians trust us enough not to block any websites.

  44. Loki says:



  45. Al-Kamel says:

    To feel that you have a high speed internet connection is usually based on four factors which are:
    1) Packet loss should be zero or none
    2) Latency
    3) Download Bandwidth
    4) Upload Bandwidth
    Now I will explain, what is the effect of each one in your internet connection
    Regard packet loss if there are couple of packet loss that mean is your click to the website is not gone and return the result to you from the first time. Either browser will do that again without you know so you fell that website is slow however the web browser tried two, three or four times to show you this website.
    Regard latency is very important factor that a lot of us do not see higher latency value means that you need to wait more time to give this website and problem that you have a queue of packets infront of you to go before your packet goes.
    Regard Download bandwidth is important also and this is noticeable only during the downloads of the internet files and downloading emails from pop3 email server and not during regular web surfing
    Regard upload bandwidth is going to be the same as download but in the oppiste way. This will be noticeable only during uploading stuff to websites, sending emails from pop3 email client.
    My result with Batelco connection:
    Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data:
    Reply from bytes=32 time=187ms TTL=235
    Reply from bytes=32 time=184ms TTL=235
    Reply from bytes=32 time=185ms TTL=235
    Reply from bytes=32 time=189ms TTL=235
    Ping statistics for
    Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),
    Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
    Minimum = 184ms, Maximum = 189ms, Average = 186ms

  46. Al-Kamel says:

    forget to mention that

    Sat connections like orbit has the highest latency in the market because the traffic gose the space and return back with avarage at least 400ms.

    Mobile HSDPA USB internet connection that zain(e-go) and batelco gives has a higher latency than ADSL and wimax(zain@home or zain@office) with avarage 100-150 ms

    Wimax has a latency of (40-60ms)

    and ADSL cable are vary based on location wuth a range (15-50 ms)

    Leased line I do have in office has a latency of (1-3 ms)

  47. mahmood says:

    The network speed is ridiculously slow today, as it was last night too. I couldn’t upload the M.Report #13 because of timeouts and all that stuff. I hope this is not the start of the descent of this experience!

    This is the test result to the local server this morning:

  48. mahmood says:

    I now know why it’s so slow… it’s because the bandwidth limit has already been busted! They gave us 15GB from the time we subscribed to the end of the month (today) so we should be back up to normal speed tomorrow.

    I *know* that we will bust the limit, it’s human nature, the better things you get, the more you want of it!

  49. mjeep1000 says:


    I will never go with Wi-Max or with 3G Technology , Worldwide those technologies are not comparable with ADSL. There is something called contention ratio ( ISP rule to control the bandwisth sharing) and the best contention ratio is provided by Batelco Ò€œ Not Lightspeed who may has it 200:1 : ) Ò€
    You wanna hear more about Wi-Max check this out

  50. Eyad says:

    mjeep1000, your post was very good until you started talking out of your bottom, the contention over lightspeed might actually be better than batelco’s, how do I know, well, the service LS is offering is through something called bit streaming, it is a set service batelco is forced by law to offer and honor, the offering in Batelco’s RO is 15:1 for 256kbps and 10:1 on everything else (Residential) and batelco’s is not advertised anywhere, but if you calculate it on the averages you get at home it looks like 15:1 max and 5:1 lowest, I actually encountered 2:1 in the very early morning hours.

    In business packages however, LS and batelco have the same contention of 8:1, you can find all this information on Batelco’s website.

    For those who don’t know what contention is, its is how the actual line is disterbuted between all the users in one area, assuming that 10:1 is the Ration offered if you have 1mbps (1024kbps) connection at home, in peak time if 10 users in your area are online and using the full quota each one of them will get 1024/10 =102.4kbps, however, the less people online in your area the more bandwidth you get, you can try it in deferent hours of the day to see for yourself using a very reliable download like adobe acrobat reader, down load it in deferent hours of the day and you will see a deference depending on the time and how many users are there online.

  51. mansooor says:


    Have you tried LightSpeed 2M, By the way they have their own Network as they are claiming πŸ˜† πŸ˜† …

    you won’t receive a dial up transfer rate

    I am suffering with Zain know @ Seef Area…

    Anyone tells whats wrong with Seef Area Wi MaX

  52. Sam says:

    Wow! Mahmood, your 2Mbps connection drops down to 128k when you bust your download threshold?? That’s the speed my connection drops down to when I bust mine and I’m only on the BD10 256k package with Batelco.

    Eyad,Mjeep – This is probably the only country where customers outsmart the so called industry “professionals”. I have called Batelco on several occasions to try and get contention ratio figures off them. They hadn’t a clue what I was even talking about. “Conten-what?”

    The only contention ratio they have actually published on their website is that of their Managed Inet Broadband Business which is 8:1 (starts at BD200/month)

    I understand their wholesale ROs do have published contention ratios but these are wholesale offerings to external LOs so I’m still in the dark with regards to their own.

    Are you sure LightSpeed are Bitstreaming & not wholesale DSL? Batelco offer both.

    Oh for for all you ADSL junkies, Batelco are phasing out PPPoA !! They now support PPPoE encapsulation and LLC multiplexing so change your modem settings. VPI/VCI values stand unchanged at 8.35

  53. Redbelt says:

    I applied to Zain. And I am suffering
    20 Days no installation or date of installation too.
    More on my blog.

  54. mahmood says:

    That’s quite unfortunate.

    My advice is to not lose your cool with the call centre girls and boys, just ask – politely – to escalate the call to the head of installations or at least the shift supervisor and explain to him or her your frustration. I am sure they will accommodate.

    My experience is that they depend on third party installers who aren’t really up to the mark. Maybe that’s how Zain saves on costs, but they have no idea of how much damaging this is to their brand image; fantastic manners on the phone, really helpful all around, and they make you feel important, but come installation time, they send out a monkey whose more interested in hammering a few nails on the wall, pick his nose and wipe the resultant goo on YOUR wall and then walk away while leaving all his rubbish – including goo – behind!

    I seriously suggest that Zain invests time and effort into educating its monkeys to the value of politeness and at least the appearance of professionalism. It would do them a world of good.

  55. Eyad says:


    in my line of work i had to deal with many vendors and installers for Wimax devices, you can simply solve the time of installation problem by doing a solid procedure, zain should know better really.

  56. Sam says:

    My experience is that they depend on third party installers who arenÒ€ℒt really up to the mark.

    They do indeed. They’re called BATEC (Bahrain Advanced Technology) haha what a name! I had the unfortunate displeasure of having to deal with them.

  57. mahmood says:

    The guy that came and installed the equipment at home was from the village next door, and although I didn’t ask, I am fairly sure that he’s just a simple electrician and not affiliated with Batec or any of the other big players in the market. He didn’t know how to use a computer beyond starting up a specific application and looking at the numbers it spew out.

  58. Sam says:

    Mahmood, I don’t know if this is too much to ask, but for those of us without Wimax, it would be nice to see some pictures of what the installation looks like, what hardware they installed etc.

    It make a nice geeky contribution to your flickr account πŸ™‚

  59. Tariq says:

    I applied for Zain@home when it was first released.. around october ’07. Since then i’ve been suffering… First of all, it took them over 2 months to before they installed anything (im not lying), and that was only after repeated calls to their ‘helpline’, numerous threats and other general ridiculousness. I even tried to cancel my contract before they connected me, but they just got confused. At one point, after i had filed a handful of official complaints, i was promised it would be installed within a week. I then got a phonecall from someone who promised to be there on the same day, sometime between 12pm and 3ish. I waited. Nothing. I called back, his friend answered and i could hear an xbox in the background. And laughter. And then they said ‘tomorrow tomorrow..” at which point i reminded him that tomorrow was friday. “ohhh.. sunday okay.. Sunday” and then he hung up and turned off his phone (again, not a lie).

    Sunday came and still nothing. I called Zain to complain, from my batelco simcard- so i was being billed for the long, ridiculous waits on their ‘helpdesk’, to add insult to injury. They promised me they’d resolve it ASAP. I waited some more- about a week or so. Finally i’d had enough. I called and screamed, tried to get the mobile number of the supervisor (no luck), back and forth, on and on… It was easily the worst, worst, worst customer service experience i’ve ever experienced. Ever. Anywhere.

    Then one day out of the blue someone called me. I was on my way out, and it was 7pm, but i decided that i’d wait and see if the powers that be at Zain would be generous enough to send someone my way. And they did.

    I was presented with a pair of twentysomething youths barely capable of speaking English and unable to answer any questions. They were laughing, pushing the box with the dish and router along the floor with their feet and utterly useless in every way.

    They didnt provide a stand, hoping that there’d already be one on the roof of my apartment building. They found one, eventually, but to my bewilderment, they didnt have any tools, and even asked me if i happened to have any massive concrete screw-things. I laughed, and waited. And waited as they went about chatting and pretending to do something. And i waited. And then, after about 3 hours of waiting, they were kind enough to inform me that even if they managed to connect me on this night, it would be a few days before my internet was up and running. So i went out.

    After the weekend i tried to follow up with Zain, only to be told that someone would be coming to install my internet shortly. I informed them that i already had a dish on the roof, but they hadnt connected it. They seemed stumped. A few days later someone else came over, some clearly more senior and perhaps the only person @ Zain who was even remotely helpful. He was shocked by what i told him, and even more shocked by what he saw on my roof. He was efficient, fixed it properly and had me up and running in a couple of hours- i applied in october and by December 27th my internet was up and running. Hooray.

    Still, even though it’s occassionally decent, for the most part Zain internet is awful. The speed fluctuates, they dont have a facility to check bandwidth (maybe they do now, but i’ve given up on calling them) and now, my upload speed DOES NOT EXIST. At all. Whatsoever. I was trying to send a 120kb attatchment and it is not possible. Speedtests timeout on the upload bit. It’s abysmal.

    I called them to complain some more, they were all polite and standoffish and the next day i recieved a text message telling me what my case number was. If i wanted to follow up, i’d have to call 107. AGAIN. Why should i follow up? I already waited on hold for twentysomething minutes, and now they want me to do it again? Who trained these people?

    Right now i’m languishing with no upload speed. I cant send emails, chat or do anything else that the internet is for. I dont even know if this longwinded post will go through. Im absolutely, utterly, completely fed up.

    This story is true, and i even omitted a handful of ridiculousness because i’ve either blocked it out or cant be bothered typing. At one point, during my back and forths with Zain helpdeskers, someone called me.. i think it was at the beginning of December. He wanted to ask.. get this.. HOW MY ZAIN @ HOME PACKAGE WAS, AND IF I WAS HAPPY WITH THE SERVICE. I laughed so hard i almost cried, and then proceeded to berate the poor chap.

    The only one slightly halfdecent thing that came of this was a brief window of unlimited bandwidth, which im sure you’ll be delighted to know, i exploited to the max.

    Avoid Zain. It’s anything but.

  60. mahmood says:

    I don’t have the same extreme experience you’ve unfortunately had with Zain Tariq, though the experience is less than exemplary.

    The latest is that I’ve started to have a problem connecting to my server in the office, which has a dynamic IP provided by I have gone through many things (including upgrading its software to the latest and resetting and double-checking the configuration) before trying to call Zain to find out if they have started blocking dyndns or anything silly like that.

    I called the helpdesk and asked the guy simply to try to connect to the server from his computer, to be absolutely flabberghasted at the reply: “I don’t have Internet connection here, I have to just register the address and escalate it for ‘them’ to check and we’ll get back to you”!!

    Unbelievable. I could connect to it through a loopback with our office Batelco subscription and I have been just too busy to go through the rigmarole of trying to get this thing fixed. I will try to connect to it from an external Batelco line and if I could, I will cancel Zain@Home and be happy with any penalty they apply. Life is just too short to put up with substandard service.

  61. Tariq says:

    Just an update… instead of a callback from tech support, i got a bill and a plant. A plant! Seriously, they sent me a plant! Maybe the oxygen it produces will help my upload speed…

  62. Sam says:

    they sent me a plant!

    I’d inspect that plant carefully. It might be bugged πŸ˜†

    Anyone care to share the cost of a 100Mbps leased line from Batelco? It only costs BD37,800/month (almost half a million Dinars a year) haha

  63. mahmood says:

    Sell it to 2000 subscribers and it would cost BD18.9 a month, assume a contention ratio of 80:1 or something… could that work and you could make money out of it.

    Oh hang on.. that might be Lightspeed’s business plan!

  64. Sam says:

    Don’t mean to rub it in but Oman’s ISP ‘Omantel’ are launching (or have launched?) their ADSL2+ services this month… in a word? Wow! πŸ˜€

    Residential offering:

    1Mbps | 18BD/month
    2Mbps | 28BD/month
    4Mbps | 38BD/month
    8Mbps | 96BD/month

    Business offering:

    1, 2, 4, 8, and 16Mbps which will cost you 347BD/month… which by our standards is pretty cheap considering the only high speed business package here (Zain@work) will set you back a cool 400BD/month for 4Mbps.

    Affordable broadband = good Global Peace Index ranking πŸ˜†

  65. Markose says:

    My experience with Zain is unfortunatly is a disaster. i subscribed Zain e-go 7 months back anf in the first three months it was working perfectly in Salmaniya area. Then it starts misbehaving.I cant download or uplad anything, end the line got disconnceted in every 4 min. After a number of call i spoke one of the supervisor who admitted that they have problem in Salmaniya area, but no action is been taken. Now i swited back to Batelco and atleast i can send emails now. Thank betelco!

  66. Ali Baba says:

    I think u Work for batelco or own shares.
    Why would Bahrain Sites matter most?…they are Mamboo stuff that Non Cares about.

    This is what happened a year ago…Maybe it was you!

    Batelco lies about the internet speed

    Check this case:

    I called Batelco inet serivce and I talked to one the seniors in Customer relations.

    I asked him if the speed is slow with adsl 40 BD one.

    he said, no.

    I said I tested the speed on several speed check sites and all are saying very slow.

    He said you check with our site for speed.

    I said I already did do that and said that the speed is Perfect.

    He said what it is.

    I said how come all the other sites say it’s slow.

    he Said “we” don’t support these sites. (What does that mean?)

    …so I said …If I buy 1 KG of Fish from the market for 2.00 BD.

    and I go home and weigh it and say 1/2 KG….I then go Mr. Friend…and weigh there and Says 1/2 KG….

    Then I do the same for 5 others…all saying 1/2 KG.

    He said…That is not under our “Procedure”….

    I said I do not care about your procedure…I want my money’s worth of the INET speed.

    He kept going back to the site of Batelco….I said I do not care for that either.

    He then needed time to think on what to say.

    Came back and repeated more shit to me…

    I said…OK do you give me speed? He said Yes.

    said….What is the…he said 1 MGBS for download.

    I said OK…does make a difference from USA or UK or Japan…etc…

    he said Yes…I said would be slower…He said Yes.

    I said OK…where will get the speed of 1 MGPS from?

    He said…Bahrain.

    I said OK…let do the test…

    IF I upload 60 MG into Batelco Host.

    And Download it…Should it take 1 Minute?

    60 MG/60 Sec = 1 MBPS…Right?

    he said yes…

    I said let do it at your office in Batelco any time you like…I have space in a Host in Batelco servers.

    He refused and accused me for “NOT Cooperating”…(?????!!!)…Hello???…what the hell is this?


  67. Ali Baba says:

    They Might say We Gave an Antana for wireless for “Free”? πŸ˜›

  68. Ali Baba says:

    Test it yourself as many times as you like….call them 17-881188 and talk to the idiots.

    email them and give them crap people please!!!

    Email your everyone you know!!

  69. mjeep says:

    Hey dude what speed did u got while doing the test on batelco website ; cz I am using 2M batelco and according to the ratio to compile transfer rate to the actual bandwidth it is more than enough

    Transfer rate=bandwidth (1-15%) / 8

    It is much better than my cousin whose next to my house with Zain and rarely get a transfer rate of 1M.

    I am not saying that Batelco is woooooow but they are the best

  70. Ali Baba says:

    Around the same as U.

    Batelco is the best only ” In Relative way”
    They are all shit.
    see guys one to this:
    When U call some service Provider.
    1)Get the Name and Title of person that will lie to you latter.
    2) Ask Him / Her if they are authorized to talk to to customers.
    3) Say Your story (Most Likely for the 10 th time)
    4) If he Lies again…Stay calmed
    5) get his email.
    here is what do with the rest

    Email Everyone in the company Including himself
    about his lies
    Hold him responsible for what he / she said.
    Email his name to Zain Batelco…+ all other Momboos

    By Coping and pasting…
    try this…
    Paste Like this Into TO: (For email),,, ……etc
    So that they get it well
    Use his Name in the subject

    and send as many as you can

  71. mjeep says:


    I think u reach the situation that I have reached when I used zain & light speed

    Zain Call Center:
    They told me we supply everything and our router is wireless but when I received it. It took them a day to reply back to me that I have to buy an B.D 40 Access point to have a WiFi at my home

    Light Speed:

    It took them a week to reply with stupidity that their Fair Usage policy applied to there new unlimited package is something the customer can’t know and it will be applied if I exceeds the normal usage which also I can not know and which made it worse even that the reply that I received was from a top manager not from the supervisor that is on the call center cz their call center was outsourced


    Where is the TRA we need speeds and usage just like the gulf countries

  72. jake says:

    hey guys! i’m a computer enthusiast and a pro gamer πŸ˜€
    i just transferred from batelco to zain@home, as a gamer, im interested more at pings and trace routes.

    here’s my speedtest result:

    check the “PING”, testing on a local server having a ping of 320 = 50 mi. wow. this is a lot of lag in a game. im in a manama district. im wondering if pings in other places like adliya or salmaniya has a lower ping. plz give me ur comments on this

  73. mahmood says:

    It’s Batelco’s turn to screw up today.. we cannot send any emails from the office because their cloud leads to a dead-end!

    traceroute to (, 64 hops max, 40 byte packets
    1 gbps.gateway ( 1.402 ms 1.191 ms 1.100 ms
    2 ( 20.134 ms 18.740 ms 18.930 ms
    3 ( 20.439 ms 22.167 ms 121.425 ms
    4 ( 30.733 ms 20.409 ms 20.287 ms
    5 ( 20.441 ms ( 20.722 ms ( 21.376 ms
    6 ( 20.196 ms 19.868 ms 20.575 ms
    7 ( 19.595 ms 20.377 ms 19.472 ms
    8 ( 417.715 ms 491.110 ms 346.508 ms
    9 ( 47.426 ms 21.383 ms 20.966 ms
    10 ( 99.042 ms 449.623 ms 24.205 ms
    11 ( 21.867 ms 26.132 ms 20.107 ms
    12 ( 433.547 ms 25.453 ms 379.083 ms
    13 ( 23.697 ms 21.791 ms 22.229 ms
    14 ( 143.747 ms 198.903 ms 79.524 ms
    15 ( 22.352 ms 131.371 ms 24.573 ms
    16 ( 255.244 ms 30.255 ms 24.162 ms
    17 ( 21.350 ms 21.607 ms 21.597 ms

    notice the repetition at the end.

    In their favour though, the lady at the other end of the line actually knew what I was talking about, acknowledged the fault and said that she had a report from another user with the same problem today so she will escalate it further up the chain.

    Unfortunately until now the problem has not been resolved. I had to go home, and to Zain (which is soon to be disconnected!) to send my emails!

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