500, going once, going twice, gone!

22 Apr, '08

That’s how much a life if worth, according to lawyers to Mr. Abdulla Al-Kobaisi, the owner of a dhow in which 58 people were killed due to his gross and criminal incompetence, its so called captain and the government agencies which actually registered and allowed it to sail as a tourism vessel.

The owner has been convicted of involuntary manslaughter and sentenced to 10 years in jail. That sentence got halved, and – maybe due to his “status” – the poor thing is incarcerated at an undisclosed hospital in Bahrain with “serious health complications” – those complications do not, it seems, preclude him from running his businesses and ruining the lives of the survivors and the families of those who perished in his disastrous tub of a boat.

Now, the GDN tells us that he has already compensated 12 of the 27 affected families, the rest, for some reason, he is only offering BD500 per life lost as final compensation.

Take it or leave it.

Can you blame those affected by his incompetence for feeling disgusted? I would hazard a guess that on top of their grief, their loss, they also feel raped and turned over by a system that allows criminals to while away their time molly coddled in spas simply because they can afford to bend the system to their liking, and a system that has absolutely no regard for the sanctity of human life.


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  1. Abu Arron says:

    What a totally offensive conclusion. There will be BIG trouble over this ludicrous state of affairs. The outside world will look on Bahrain as a banana (or should that be palm) republic.

    I sincerely hope that a “higher authority” steps in and corrects this situation before Bahrain’s reputation is irrecoverably tarnished. Bahrain does have problems (what country doesn’t?!), but it would be absolutely awful if it becomes a target for international derision and suspicion.

  2. Anon says:

    I agree with Abu Arron, however I feel he deliberately did this so that people raise their voices then the government would spend from its pocket and then a pardon to this killer and release him from jail to continue his acts of thievery and belittling of others. What a miserable state our country has reached… *sigh*

  3. That is ridiculous.

    Unfortunately we have some similar results in personal injury cases here in the commonwealth Caribbean…mainly because of the way compensation is calculated. It gets even more ridiculous where there is a death.

    A few years ago a healthy new born baby died as a result of the negligence of the staff of a local hospital- they dropped the child on her head while bathing her.She later died from the head injury. The matter went to court and the award of damages was so offensive – somewhere in the region of US$2,000.

  4. I’m just wondering can’t the families of the victims try alkobaisi in their countries?

  5. anon says:

    خمسمئة بس ØŸ من صجه Ùˆ لا يتطنز ØŸ حسبي الله عليه …. اقول …. احسن شي لا يكلف على نفسه بعد اخاف يفلس Ùˆ يقعد على بساط الفقر

  6. Al Durazi says:

    I’m just wondering can’t the families of the victims try alkobaisi in their countries?

    No, if he is not a citizen of their country, did not commit a crime in that country’s terrotory and Bahrain does not have a duplicate treaty that permits extradition.

    Exceptions would be war crimes.

  7. lorena says:

    Very Sad …. unfear

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