Spinning it like a tornado!

I\'m so very happy, Maktoob says so!Did you read that ludicrously “spinned” piece in the GDN that Bahrain is supposed to be the “Happiest place in the region“? That certainly made me sit up and smell the coffee, only to be left gasping for breath at the level of spin this “report” has received!

Delving just a little bit deeper, we actually find that Bahrain is actually ranked fourth in the Gulf – now considering that the Gulf to us is only 6 countries, that would leave us in the bottom half as far as the “happiness” index is concerned isn’t it?

We’ve even been taken over by Saudi for God’s sake! Saudi is now happier than Bahrain! How’s that?

But, they don’t leave it there, they go a bit further to try to justify that we are actually the happiest in the region, and they somewhat found that in:

More than 54pc of Bahrain residents said they were happy.

Thirty per cent of people aged more than 45 years were found to be the happiest, while nine per cent of those aged between 26 and 35 years were most unhappy.

More than 36pc of people aged 18 to 25 years old said that they were neither happy nor sad.

If you can get your head around this, then you’re much better than I am and I’ve already consumed several cups of coffee. And no, it’s not because of an overload of coffee that I can’t, it’s just a ludicrous waste of a paper’s space to try to force a square peg in a round hole. Oh, and Maktoob Research can kiss my posterior for that kind of crap too.

But then, that’s the GDN – and its snubbed sister paper and its editors – stock in trade, isn’t it?


  1. Sam

    I just hope no governmental policies are sculpted based on baloney research like this!

  2. Sam

    Why is this measly “study” (if you can even call it that) even given the time of day? They surveyed 370 Bahraini residents!

    Whooptidoo! Was that ONE person per Block number?? Studying one’s happiness is extremely hard to do and gauge.

  3. Lee Ann

    So despite weekend riots…sky rocketing cost of living…rents breaking our backs…nearly every household drowning in debt…and MP’s squabbling for the right to come up with the most confusing or outright headbusting or should I say gutbusting law…Bahrainis are still considered happy…did they ask 300 + Bahrainis that possibly had Al Khalifa or some such moniker attatched to some point in their name or what? 😯

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  5. Kiwi Nomad

    did they ask 300 + Bahrainis that possibly had Al Khalifa or some such moniker attatched to some point in their name or what?

    Or perhaps the “researcher” had some such moniker on his nametag…

    Any readers interested in forming a proper research company out there, or having deep analytical skills, let me know.

  6. I

    I believe it was British PM Benjamin Disraeli (nice Kosher name that) who said “There are three kinds of lies, lies, damn lies and statistics” ! If you pose the right questions you can get the results that you want, regardless of the actual facts of the matter. . . (or was it Gladstone) 🙂


    P.S. Ho Ho F***ing Ho Ho, I’m happy !

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