Gorgeos flower tree at the Gulf Hotel

24 Apr, '08

I came across this lovely tree at the Gulf Hotel a couple of days ago and fell in love with it. Just look at those flowers!

I most definitely NEED this in my garden. It doesn’t matter than I don’t have the space, but I NEED it!

If you do know the name, PLEASE let me know.

Here’s how the full tree looks:

Gorgeos flower tree at the Gulf Hotel

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  1. Barry says:

    The edged scarlet flowers gave it away:

    Spathodea campanulata – African Tulip Tree


    It’s native to west Kenya and Uganda. They can grow to about 60 feet high, and are related to trees liek Jacaranda and Tabebuia. I’ve read that they can also be as wide as tall and create immense shade, so if you get one, be careful where you plant it.

  2. BOb says:

    yup that is definetly an african tulip tree. They are very common here in southern florida and should do really well where you live Mahmood. By the way, I love your blog and read it everyday! 😉

  3. Mahmood says:

    Thanks very much indeed Bob! I’ll start my investigation on how to get one immediately!

  4. Irene Lawrence says:

    I saw some a while ago at the nursery on the Budya road near Jawads turnoff. Ayub tel 17731300 may have one at the nursery where he works at Sitra. He also has many friends at other nurseries and might be able to find one for you. A while ago he was very, very helpful in obtaining Cassia trees for me. Pumpkyne

  5. Mahmood says:

    Many thanks indeed Irene! I’ll have a chat with him.

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