M.Report S01E08 – Bad habits and other nonsensical issues

24 Apr, '08

Bad habits, inffective parliament – again – and the start of a review of the happenings in the Den and Matrix Horsey makes an appearnce too!

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  1. Bahrainiac says:

    Today’s GDN:

    +60% of Bahraini schoolchildren hooked on fizzy drinks

    That got me to thinking… 😕 …If schoolchildren are “hooked” then the fizzy drinks are legally classifiable as a drug and therefore our wise MPs need to stamp out this abomination!!!!! ❗

    So, as of today ” 👿 Death to Fizzy Drinks!!!!!” or “Fizzy Drinks, 👿 the Zionist conspiracy to corrupt our innocent children!!!”

    So forget about quizzing and voting for a Minister’s oust, let’s get down to real topics that affect our lives, like a fizzy drinks ban!

  2. Bahrainiac says:

    Forgot to thank you “Shrek” for posting these great M.Reports! And thanks too for the wonderful pictures of that glorious tree!! 😀

  3. heraish says:

    The MP’s themselves are hooked. That is why it will never be an issue. The mp’s themseleves may look down upon laborers and maids. That is why there issues are not a priority. That is why the naturalization policy should continue to get a better representative parliament. A true story goes that in Saudi a sheikh entered a room and wondered out loud “Will it ever be possible to rid ourselves of the habit of drinking this black drink?”. He meant colas.

    Questioning a minister by parliament is a strong first step. For one it is not happening in many countries. Secondly the minister at least will have a couple sleepless nights knowing that he will get slammed. This may affect his behavior a bit. At least that is what we hope.

  4. mahmood says:

    According to all the reports out today, he was laughing, joking and smirking throughout. Not a care in the world. And why should he, with morons thinking that questioning an official is a chance to show their oratorical skills, rather than pinning the official with hard facts and figures?

  5. heraish says:



    Here is a clip of a Muslim congressman questioning the FBI director.

  6. Walt Texas says:

    You do kind’a look likem Shrek. Take it as a Compliment. Shrek is very likeable fellow. .

  7. mahmood says:

    I know, I like him too, so no offense taken. 🙂

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