M.Report S01E10 – celebrations, memories, billboards and buying furniture

26 Apr, '08

Finally, after 137 days, Fouad Al-Farhan has been released from prison in Jeddah, KSA still without the charges against him being declared. I’m happy. Happy too to be contacted by my teacher, Mr. Gary Brown, and I share with you my views on advertising billboards in Bahrain as well as shopping for simple pieces of furniture.

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  1. heraish says:

    Is it possible to arrange for video footage of the event? At least the part in which you speak.

  2. مريوم says:

    Hi Mahmood

    Have you ever thought about posting a vedio talking in Arabic? am sure that you have a lot of Arabs _am one of them_ who enjoy your Blog.


  3. Sam says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Fouad was asked to sign an agreement with the Saudi authorities to ensure he does not share his ‘life behind bars’ story with the world.

    Advertising billboards are an eyesore in this country, especially the ones artistically crafted on non other than MS PAINT!! Should we really be surprised that there’s no planning or supervision of their erections making sure they don’t pose a hazard to motorists AND pedestrians? of course not. That would require THOUGHT & common sense!! Some of those boards on street lights are put up so low to the ground you have to f-ing duck underneath a commercial to continue walking on the side of the road!!!

    Saatchi & Saatchi CEO who was in the UAE recently had this to say about the UAE’s advertising scene:

    “I think it’s crap, absolute crap. They haven’t embraced the internet or mobile technology and they are producing work that on the whole looks like it has come from 1995. It’s just so disappointing.”

    Could someone please invite him over to Bahrain for a verdict on the quality of advertising here?

  4. Diva says:

    Ok! let me clear my throat first – e7m e7m e7m! Ma7moodoo!! why are you so stubborn? You could have picked up one of your phones & called me to tell you where to find good & reasonable priced furniture in Bahrain!! I’m giving away advices for people I don’t know & making floor plans for them & designing rooms!! My own brother goes else where! OH NOOO! WHY GOD WHY 😥
    Just kidding – dramatically as usual 😉
    I love those reports – keep them coming

  5. mahmood says:

    Why didn’t I think of that? Damn, next time I promise!

    <wrist still hurts> 🙁

  6. Byron says:

    Hey Mahmood, I’ve listened to every one of your blogs and love them. (And please, please don’t speak Arabic like the above comment–English is the universal language, and would alienate a good portion of listeners.)

    However, all of them, this one especially, has a weird high pitch noise and kind of a clicking noise in the background. It seems to build intensity, especially in the beginning. I listen to your blog with headphones (as to not to disturb the sleeping lady of the house) so I imagine the sounds are amplified. But still, they are really, really, really annoying.

    But keep up the good work :mrgreen:

  7. مريوم says:


    راح أكتب بالعربي عشان مايشاغبني مسيو بيرون

    محمود، بما أنك تتطرق إلى مواضيع محلية تهم البحرينيين بالدرجة الاولى فأنا أقترح انك تنشأ مدونة صديقة بالعربي أو على الاقل تترجم بعض مواضيعك المهمة وبدون ماتخسر متابعينك الاجانب بل راح تكسب شريحة كبيرة من البحرينيين اللى مايتشجعون انهم يدخلون بلوجات غير عربية، عموماً هو مجرد إقتراح وانا من متابعينك سواء كتبت بالانجليزي أو بالعربي ماراح يغير علي شيء. أنت صرت جزء من روتيني اليومي قبل النوم لازم أطل عليك وأقول لك نايتي نايتي 😳

  8. mahmood says:

    هاي مريوم – حاولت من قبل لكن للأسف ليس عندي الوقت الكافي لمتابعة مدونتين في الان الواحد. فالمعذرة!

  9. I says:

    Did you ever think of going to a carpenter and getting a table made? That way you could get exactly what you wanted, and it might actually custom fit. No guarantees though. If it was measured up exactly, you might not be able to get it through the door. Believe me, that’s happened. . .



  10. mahmood says:

    Yes I did and I asked, but the turnaround time quoted was 4 – 5 weeks, not good for an impulsive and an impatient man. Plus, I had a clear idea of what I wanted and as it was a rather simple mundane thing, I thought that it should be easy to source and would be of a reasonable price. Little did I know that these things on average sell for around 350.

  11. Abu Arron says:

    2.5 metres long television table? Wow, that’s one heck of a television Mahmood. Is this in preparation for the live screening of Prime Minister’s Questions in Parliament?! 😆

  12. mahmood says:

    Nah, that way I can put more plants on it! The TV is just a little 32-inch LCD, no big deal, just enough to watch the news and the F1 if I’m in the room.

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