Welcome home Fouad!

Saudi blogger Fouad Al-FarhanSaudi Jeans reports that Fouad Al-Farhan has been released from custody after a 137 days incarceration, held without any charges.

We don’t know the details of his release and what he had to give up or sign for the authorities to finally let him go, I suspect we will hear his stories quite soon – I hope.

In any case, I am very happy indeed for his release.

Welcome home Fouad!


  1. T.J. Neruda

    137 days, for expressing his opinions… I couldn’t even begin to imagine what that must feel like. Congratulations on returning home Fouad, I’m also looking forward to, and given the circumstances, hope he will be forthcoming with, his stories.

  2. Meggie

    I often wonder what became of our old mucker, the Religious Policeman. I did so enjoy reading his blog. If he were still blogging he would have set up an LOLCamels website by now.

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