Busy week

10 May, '08

I didn’t have much time for gardening at all over the last couple of weeks and with the so-called-replacement-gardener fired, there isn’t anyone else to do it other than myself. That’s fine, I enjoy a challenge. I was (am) prepared for hard work.

This weekend was the first opportunity I had to do something with the garden. The first thing I did was test the new electric hedge trimmer again! I used it to give a “short back and sides” (as my wife calls it) to most of the bushes as well as several short borders around the garden. That done, I brought out the lawn mower and setting it on “1” this time – I usually leave it on 3 as I like the longer grass, squishy as you walk on it, like pillows – and a couple of hours later (I wasn’t in a hurry) I was done, with the grass cut down to the shortest it’s probably ever been. I hope this is good for it. It looks quite nice nevertheless. That done, I cleaned up a corner patch and merged it with another bed right in front of it, I mentioned it previously as the “English garden patch”. That place now looks in need of being filled again, after the various bunches of cypress grass removal and the trimming of the ground cover.

Needless to say that I was absolutely bushed by the time I was done. The pool beckoned and promised to repair sore muscles. It was welcome but it didn’t do anything to the aches… I was in bed and asleep at 9pm.

The problem with that, sleeping early, is that you wake up early too. So 3.30am was the time I was awake! But no gardening was done until after lunch. Unfortunately I had various errands to run in the morning. This afternoon I dedicated the time to cleaning up the vegetable patch and emptied the compost bin into it. I then looked into the sprinklers in the front garden, many were semi-blocked and many others needed their direction and spread adjusted.

The tiredness meter is not on full deflection now, but am just chillin’ and watching TV while writing this. It will probably be another full week before I can do some more gardening.

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