M.Report S01E21 • The Amaryllis

16 May, '08

I love flower bulbs, they have some of the most beautiful flowers and are relatively easy to grow and care for. What’s more is that once the season is over, you can just take them out of the ground, clean them up, dry them and store them for the next season. What’s more, some bulbs actually produce more baby bulbs to reward you for an even bigger show in the next season.

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  1. ratherdashing says:

    First off, nice job with the vlog. I am an infrequent visitor of your site and hadn’t seen the changes you’ve made. The video is a nice addition.

    Secondly, the Amaryllis is amazing. If it was not in season, then did you force it’s bloom somehow?

  2. mahmood says:


    I didn’t do any forcing at all and that is what surprised me.

  3. Patty says:


    Hi Mahmood!! You made my day, first by treating that flower as you would your baby, and then by waving at me and Sean in the video! 🙂

    I got a proposal for you! There are 2 more colors of Amarillis at the store right now, one is orange (with a little bit of yellow at the ends) and the other is red and white. I will send them to you if you teach me how to make mine bloom more than once in the year! I have mine planted in the front yard, and they only bloom once!

    Patty (Salivating for the iPhone 3G)

  4. mahmood says:

    And it’s threatening to flower again! There are fresh leaves growing at a phenomenal rate that I would not be surprised if I spy another stalk or two to enjoy again.

    I have no idea what the “secret” is, I really don’t give it any special attention, just the same as I do all my other plants too. This one was at the breakfast area to start with enjoying the morning sun, when it flowered (the second time) I moved it to my study where it can receive a small amount of afternoon sun. It does well in both locations it seems.

    I do feed it (like I do all the other internal plants too) every couple of weeks. Again, nothing special.

    I’ll keep you updated and I’m looking forward to receiving another early xmas present! Thanks love, and say high to that sailor of yours and the kids.

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