M.Report S01E22 – Mahmood’s Den new skin!

18 May, '08

It’s been a long time that I was just itching to change the theme of my blog. I think it has outgrown the “traditional” blog a long time ago. I not only post in text, but have regular features of pictures, audio podcasts as well as video content.

I am happy that I found the theme on which I can build to make it mirror more of what Mahmood’s Den has become.

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  1. Magnus says:

    Looks good!

  2. JO JO says:

    Loving the new look!

  3. Jon says:

    Now that’s more like it… a very sophisticated feel to the website. Bravo!

  4. Nice job Mahmood. The new theme works well and looks good.

    Best / kieran

  5. mahmood says:

    Hey thanks Kieran! It’s good to have you here and hope that you’re enjoying your new life in Canada. I know it i a little bit different than Bahrain in the 80s!! 😉

  6. Nothing can compare to my time with you and our GF colleagues during the 80s Mahmood. Canada is great but Bahrain will always be special. In fact a few years after we departed my daughter was asked where she considered home. She said BAHRAIN! Clearly Bahrain and Bahrainis created a very favourable impression on a young Irish girl! A tribute to you and all Bahrainis for the wonderful welcome we experienced in your homeland. Keep up the good work Mahmood…its having a favourable effect…globally k.

  7. The new design looks nice, but some how I love the old skin it has the blog soul in it I guess.

    Anyway it looks nice.

  8. mahmood says:

    Kieran I understand, and I hear the same sentiments from a lot of people who have come into contact with these islands and their people. They do pack a good impression on most. To me, whoever feels “Bahraini” like Karina does, they are Bahraini, regardless of what colour the little book actually is.

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