BMW one two and the gentleman’s third

What an unforgettable race. Hamilton hammed it, good, riding roughshod over the Iceman at the pitlane exit ignoring that flashing red light, which normally means STOP! Well, he took out the competition for sure and opened up the championship a bit wider. Kubica now leads, giving Mario Theissen a huge smile he hasn’t had for quite some time. What’s more, he led Heidfeld for a well deserved one-two.

What put the cherry on top for me was seeing the gentleman of the sport make it up to third, hopefully breaking his recent run of bad luck. He was quite reminiscent of years of yore and contemplative too. I hope this doesn’t mean that he’s hanging up his hat just yet. But if he does, then finishing off the career on the high note of 62 podiums ain’t bad at all.

Well done all, and commiserations to Raikkonen. Hopefully Hamilton Sr. will slap Jr. upside the head to get him to sharpen his vision somewhat for future races.


  1. KoOKiE

    It was funny and it was shocking wht really happened 1st i thought it was on purpose :S…then i was like no its the red light dam it :S….still a mistake is a mistake….damm u hamilton….:S pulled out iceman as well with him :S.

  2. Ali M.

    a wacky end to a fun filled race.. enjoyed it tremendously even without the top 2

  3. Abu Arron

    Disappointing for the leaders, but made a great race.

    I was somewhat disappointed the Max wasn’t dressed up in leather and chains to wave them off. How could he keep his job? There’ll be trouble to come, for sure. There are already reports that Bernie is chairing an potential splinter group of the major manufacturers. He’s even talking of a new Concord agreement.

  4. Hamad

    A new championship simply cannot exist without the backing of Ferrari, aslong as ferrari sides with the FIA F1 World Championship it will stay recognized as much, we should just wait and see how well the big guns agree with bernie’s new concorde agreement as besides their beef with the fia and mosley specifically; they’re main interests still is to increase their revenue from TV income and such which is bernie’s cookie jar.

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