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10 Jun, '08

Introducing iPhone 3G. With fast 3G wireless technology, GPS mapping, support for enterprise features like Microsoft Exchange, and the new App Store, iPhone 3G puts even more features at your fingertips. And like the original iPhone, it combines three products in one — a revolutionary phone, a widescreen iPod, and a breakthrough Internet device with rich HTML email and a desktop-class web browser. iPhone 3G. It redefines what a mobile phone can do — again.

mmmmmmmm… yummy!

I wants…. I need… I must have!

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  1. Mohamed says:

    I hope Batelco has the good sense of bringing it over. Qatar, Jordan, and Egypt are the only countries in the area that will see a release. Also arabic is not supported in this version yet.

    I wonder for how much it’ll be for on ebay…

  2. congkak says:

    Sorry to bust those Jailbrakin’ bubbles.

    They will ONLY let you BUY AND ACTIVATE at the stores. So you have to get tied to a contract to get one. See link below:

    I was hoping to buy loads(well at least 2) but now… 😥

  3. mahmood says:

    I’m getting a ticket to New York just to go buy one! 😉

  4. Ahmed12 says:

    Well, unless an already chosen operator (to sell iPhone officially) comes to Bahrain to launch it then I totally doubt we will be seeing it anytime soon. It’s interesting that NONE of the Arab telecom operators got it yet, only through Vodafone and Orange. Now if only one of them came to Bahrain by the end of this year 😉 But that’s too far for me!! me want one too right now!

  5. Abdullatif says:

    You think it’ll be harder to crack that the first version? I wasn’t interested in buying a cracked phone at first, but this seems to be worth it.

  6. Eyad says:

    the best thing this time is the price.

    from businessweek:

    the iPhone 3G will sell for $199 for an 8GB version and $299 for a 16GB version. The new prices represent a departure from a year ago when the first devices sold for $599 on the upper end.

    I think I will get this one.

  7. Funaki says:

    Abdullatif, Zibri the guy who made ziphone has already managed to crack the 2.0 firmware but he still has to redo the connectivity framework because apple changed the way itunes connects to phone. So it will be a matter of time before the iphone is cracked again after hitting the market.

    Eyad, That price is only if you sign a 2 years contract with at&t. IF you are in USA then its fine if not then you will just have to wait for it to turn up on ebay or something.

    Mahmood, Even if you get a ticket to go and buy one you will still have to sign a 2 years contract. Before they would allow you to just buy the phone and activate it at home but not anymore. it has to be activated in the shop itself weather you buy it from apple or at&t.

    I really wish Zain or batelco open up their eyes and bring this into the market here.

    I am not very pleased with the 3g model. They only added 3G and GPS. What about copy and paste or A2dP for gods sake apple its a media phone. A shitty old nokia has a2dp.

    Might go out and buy a iphone the first edition, because i dont connect via 3g and it will be a weekend phone for me. And beside you can load v2.0 on the first iphone so its not like one is gonna miss out on much.

  8. mahmood says:

    I watched the keynote this morning and Steve (blessings be upon him) showed Egypt, Jordan and Qatar on the supported countries list. I have not idea why those two were chosen and not any in the Gulf. So there is hope that we will get it before the end of the year.

    I have no doubt that it will be broken and it will be made available without the contract, such is the nature of the beast, the most banned it is the more people want it.

    For the time being, I think I must say bye to my old and trusty Ericsson K800i, it had far too many falls and now gets a bit sticky and is complaining about connecting using Bluetooth (after the last thump of a fall). I will replace it, but with another Ericsson until I can get my hand on an iPhone2.

  9. Eyad says:

    If any operator is going to bring this phone I really hope its Batelco, I am sick of how bad and unrelible zain’s network is.

  10. mahmood says:

    but only after the TRA approves number migration, I really don’t want to change our numbers again!

  11. I already ordered 1 and I’m waiting for it to arrive.

  12. Abdullatif says:

    Ordered 1 from where? if it has to be activated at the shop then whats the point?

  13. Eyad says:

    You still can crack any elictronic device, even if the iphone 3g was locked in a defrent/new way, sooner or later it will be cracked.

    I still don’t get this, apple should just release the iphone to anyone adn every one, there is not much of a point in fixing your sales with another companies sales, especially in today’s cyber world.

  14. Abdullatif says:

    I think Apple are off-loading their stock onto AT&T so they don’t have to worry about sales.. any left-over stock will sit with AT&T and Apple can recognise their profit immediately.

  15. Sam says:

    You still can crack any elictronic device, even if the iphone 3g was locked

    There will be less demand for unlocked iPhones this time round because of the huge international roll out of 70+ countries at an affordable price point of 199 bucks.

    Don’t get your knickers in a twist just yet though – Apple has released the phone, the rest of the details now lie with the telecom operators. A few operators in Europe will not be selling locked iPhones due to local anti-locking legislation, and some won’t even require contracts to be signed – O2 in the UK for example have this posted up on their website:

    iPhone is coming soon for Pay & Go

    Customers will soon be able to enjoy all the great features of iPhone without a monthly contract with the iPhone for Pay & Go.

    We’ll just have to wait until after the 11th June to see what starts appearing on good ol’eBay! 😛

  16. ammaro says:

    the only country that’s officially going to get it here is Qatar, and that’s sometime later in the year. But these things are CHEAP dude… seriously, $199 (about 76BD) for the 8GB… finally apple start selling things at reasonable prices. never thought i would see the day.

  17. Mahmood, it’s the same crappy camera 🙄
    I’ll be in LA this July, how about $3999?? 😀
    it’s not $199 guys, there’s a damn contract, it will cost you around $2000 when after two years.
    3G, AGPS, better software, The iPhone looks better, but does not really excite me, sorry boys 😎

  18. Mohamed says:

    Our best bet appears to be O2 in the UK, which is planning to offer it to their pay-as-you-go customers (prepaid). That usually implies that there is no contract.

    O2 also is offering the 8gb version fully subsidized with an 18 month contract, not bad.

  19. mahmood says:

    I must beg my brother in London to remember me while he’s standing in line for his! (considering this note an official begging one Hani! ;))

  20. Hani says:

    My current Twitter update, Mahmood:

    O2: “Would you like a free iPhone 3G?”
    Me: “Wha? Who? Me? YES PLEASE!”

    The fantastic thing is, they don’t want the iPhone 1 back! I get to keep that as well!

  21. mahmood says:

    Is it alright to swear at one’s brother in public? 😈

    Well congrats, and please get me one too!

  22. Patty says:

    Go ahead Mahmood! And swear at him for me too please!

    I have to wait for 1 more year until my contract expires!

  23. How about begging me? 😀
    2999$! best offer 😈

  24. mahmood says:

    last price? 😐

  25. Unsubsidized price is 499 euro for 8GB and 569 for 16GB 😉
    More Here

  26. mahmood says:

    I always wanted to visit Italy, now I found the excuse! 😀

  27. J.M. Heinrichs says:

    If you wish to explore: Apple Canada may be of assistance. “$199 for the 8Gb model and $299 for the 16Gb
    model” in Canada.


  28. Sam says:

    There’s a good article on Arabian Business website about iPhone’s Mid East no-show.

  29. Hasan says:

    Steve Jobs quote “70 countries this year, we’re going to start with the 22 of the biggest and we’re going to be rolling out the Iphone 3g at the same time in all of these countries, July 11…and in almost each one of these countries the price is a maximum of $199, all over the world” link –

  30. nader says:

    its not about getting the device….its about the services, most of the services are not available within or its like having a Ferrari bas Toyota Corolla engine and options….hehehehe

  31. Sam says:

    its about the services

    You’re quite right there. The iTunes store where 3rd party apps are to be sold is a big part of the whole “experience” with the iPhone 3G, along with music & videos. We don’t have a middle eastern store on iTunes, so your missing a rather large part of Apple’s parcel.

  32. mahmood says:

    Unless you have a US or a UK credit card that is! 😉

  33. Sam says:

    coupled with a US mail forwarding address 😉

  34. mahmood says:

    You got it! 💡

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