225 Royally Pardoned

His Majesty King Hamad bin Essa Al-Khalifa, the King of BahrainI wish to express my thanks to his majesty for pardoning 225 people imprisoned due to their participation in various demonstrations. This generous royal gesture should be followed up immediately by various other steps to ensure that social justice prevails. His majesty might also consider the fact that without such social justice, many of those release and others might continue to demonstrate to express their chagrin at the iniquitous circumstances they find themselves in.

225 imprisoned demonstrators and rioters were released by royal pardon
225 imprisoned demonstrators and rioters were released by royal pardon
To enable the prevalence of social justice, a national truth and reconciliation is a dire necessity which Law 56/2002 stands resolutely in the way, an action that will bring closure to years of intransigence by the state security through the last decades of the 20th century whose victims are still suffering while their torturers and murderers walk the earth unmolested and with total impunity.

A law criminalising discrimination in all its forms is another necessity. The employment based on religious confessionalism or any other discriminatory factors must end and all those employers, in both public and private sectors, should be severely penalised if they have the audacity to inculcate such discriminatory practices within their spheres of influence.

These steps if applied will go a long way toward establishing a new and more forgiving culture in this country so that at least our children will live without the continuous shenanigans by both parties which destroy the national psyche and derail our collective efforts in raising our standard of living.

Thank you your majesty. The release of those 225 was welcome news this morning.

Here’s to more good news.


  1. Sam

    He’s released 225 of his own people that were locked up for???

    Glad to see we’ve just gone full circle….again…

    The system works!!

  2. Capt. Arab

    How many times will the King have to keep bailing people outta jail. I hope this is the last time. Is it not high time, that Bahrain as a nation and Bahraini’s with issues follow procedure through their local representative and MP for resolution? Why does my wall have to be decorated with graffiti? Why do I have to face intimidation when driving to/from home? Why do we have to suffer for the nonsense caused by a few (who have no idea of what they want), they are just follow-fashions… I guess it’s fashionable to riot. Now, justice or injustice is a seperate argument… We wanna live in peace and harmony, I could’nt care less if you were sunni or Shia, Bahraini or Pakistani, it all too late for that…. Can’t we just buckle up a little bit, and accept eachother????
    Law of the land: you do a crime, you’ll be expected to do some time. Unfortunately the message for last couple of years is that.. Don’t worry, Malek El-Goloob (King of Hearts) referring to H.M. The King, will get us out 🙂

  3. iniarhab

    Here’s an interesting point: “A law criminalising discrimination in all its forms is another necessity.”

    A law that criminalises “religious-bias or sectarian-bias” is my understanding from the above statement. But how can you guarantee justice to an already biased religion?

    I’m not trying to push people’s buttons or anything, but almost everything we’ve been taught as young’ns in public schools was biased and discriminatory.

    The question is: If the MPs are willing to draft a law that criminalises discrimination, will they be willing to cover all forms of discriminations such as gender, race, and sexual orientation in addition to religious beliefs? or only religious beliefs?

  4. Sam

    I could’nt care less if you were sunni or Shia

    Nor do I – the big question is, does our government? Do they practice what they preach?

    If only we had a government run by economists, politicians, staticians social scientists. Dream on sam!

  5. Post
  6. Migy Mao

    We need clear laws where all are treated equally. Sadly speaking we are far behind on that front and discrirmination does exist. So I don’t say that our judicial system is perfect, but it still has to be implemented with all its impurities hoping that with time it will become closer to perfect. The alternative is no law and jungle.

    However, the King actions is nothing more than a show to the masses that he is a supreme being that can decide peoples fate. In other words, he is trying to elevate his status to a sub human and/or closer to the heavens I guess! As happy as I am that they are released, as sad as I am for the King making a mockery of the Bahraini courts. The effect or spill over of these actions on the society mental being is very noticeable. For instance, many as stated in previous comments believe that no matter what crimes committed, you will be released eventually. Young kids don’t respect the laws any more. A good example of spill-over of such actions is how no one respects driving rules due to a lack of respect for police and the system. Just think about it for a while, if committing a felony is not a big deal and you will be out of jail and collect 200 like the Monopoly game, how do you expect people to respect driving laws or no smoking areas etc to say the least!

  7. romster

    Way to kick the hornet’s nest.
    I’m betting this will be the no.1 topic in your next stat sheet.

    Vive Le Canada….(with an Asian/ Lebanese/ Indian/ Egyptian/ Palestinian……….accent)

  8. Khaled

    I am not happy with this AT ALL. What an amazing signal to teach youngsters these days.. ‘dont worry, when you go to prison, the King will bring you out because he loves you’.

    Here’s what should have happened:

    1. Do the laws first
    2. Create courts (with professional judges/lawyers) which could be trusted and be swift.
    3. punish each one of the criminals on a case by case basis
    4. families need to pay for ALL legal/court fees while ALL of this is happening, if they can’t afford it then TOUGH LUCK. Their son, brother, father is in prison for a very loooooong time. When you hit them with the BD’s, they will think twice before burning that policeman’s car’s tyre or endangering the public.
    5. If they ever get freed, they need to do 1000 hours in community service with monthly court followups, and need to pay monthly fees to a public fund which teaches kids in public schools that crimes such as what these people committed are WRONG. Not religiously wrong, but really wrong, in terms of screwing up your physical life (broken family, being poor, difficulty getting a job due to your records, making a fool out of yourself for a very looong time).

    There is NO lesson learnt here, sorry, but a percentage of those who were pardoned today WILL commit (directly or indirectly) some sort of crime in the future.

    On their way out, did they give them super market coupons as well?? maybe they need to drink water for free, to go with that ‘free’ feeling.

  9. Post
  10. Nasser

    everyone is way too quick to jump on the bandwagon here…most of those arrested were not charged or tried and shouldn’t have been in prison in the first place…

    The question is what has the King done to address the root causes of the political problems that are fuelling these protests?

  11. Lee Ann

    If only pedophiles, rapists, and wife beaters were imprisoned nearly as quick as tyre burners and slogan chanters…even the occasional destruction of property gets more attention and concern than abuse against our fellow human beings. A quick look at the paper will show that these criminals get their pardon a hell of a lot faster then those that have something to say against the establishement…

  12. Post

    and a lot of those released are from the former category Lee Ann, according to various reports in this morning’s papers carrying their sincere thanks to the king.

  13. jeff mcgee

    Yeah, I’m sure the king was nervously biting his nails, waiting for your “thank you”. Now he can sleep again. Bloody hell, your ego is really out of hand, buddy. You’re not as important as you think you are…get a reality check for feck’s sake.

    And what idiot doesn’t realize that this was all a big charade? 225 “prisoners” were released, which means they could be druggies, rapists, burglars, murderers, etc…There are 105 prisoners of conscience in Bahrain…do the maths!

    Oh yeah, and I’ve called the families of three of those who were thrown in jail in December and not one of them is going to be released.

    This was just a big play to get royal ass-kissers like you to wax the king’s….image.

    Three cheers for meta-ignorance!

  14. Post
  15. Lee Ann

    Actually Mahmood I was being sarcastic…in my opinion rapists, pedophiles, and wife beaters should not be released…not even for good behavoir. They should be made to enjoy each others company to the fullest extent for as long as possible. I was referring to the fact that rapists and pedophiles here in the kingdom are routinely set free with barely a chance to get good and comfortable in their prison cell. Wife beaters arent even bothered with… 👿

  16. Post

    I know and I agree Lee Ann. All one needs to do is read the papers for corroboration almost on a daily basis.

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  18. 7hmed

    Most of them had multiple cases so they ended up back in Jau. The Crown Prince was supposed to be crowned this month and he needed to raise support so he released shiates from Jau. The thing is most of those bastards came right back, he didnt just release 225 people that had participated in the riot your information is wrong.

    He released 50 from the women’s prison, 80 from Unit #2 and 120 from Unit #4. Totaling 250. Anyways, most of the people that were released were drug users, drug dealers and thieves.

    Another thing to note is that at the mosques at Jau they have the criminals call to prayer. Rather interesting how those bastards walk out of the mosque after praying and then light up a cigarette and head for the medicine line to collect their anti depressants, valiums and anti psychotic meds. You would think they wouldnt let the criminals do the call to prayers, it seems sac-religious.

    The whole country is fucked up, its a Police State, there are 29,000 police in bahrain the population of 1,000,000. New York has 9 million people and 40,000 police. Obviously bahrain has some issues. The police are a bunch of fat pigs who are out of shape and typically the CID are plain clothed and will not identify themselves and will exaggerate incidents not in your best interests. Bahrain consists of Yemen (Osama Bin Laden’s home country), Iranian, Indian and Pakistan Nationals and the police consist of those nationalities so you have a lack of education and common sense. Success is portrayed through their middle obesity and the police are incredibly lazy.

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