Got Monkeys?

5 Aug, '08

Harry the perfect, but often unwell, politician primateI don’t know why scientists are so concerned about the possible extinction of 48% of the primate population. I think that they most definitely have got it wrong. They didn’t consider the natural law of evolution in that some of the lower-level primates did actually evolve to become politicians who now populate quite a number of worldly so-called democratic institutions, dictating their didacticly myopic visions to impose their superiority by exposing their inferiority complexes.

Just look around you and you will see this phenomenon the world over.

So come on my friends, let’s help those scientists in their research by proving to them without a shadow of a doubt that they are completely mistaken in their assumptions. Please take a moment to name a monkey that they should have considered a primate, and that the inclusion of whom should surely reduce that 48% void:

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  1. Loki says:

    George Bush ? – Scientific classification: Presidus Ineptus Hominidae

  2. Redbelt says:

    Bush. Must be Bush.

  3. Anonny says:

    Umm, it’s that guy who helped to incite the Nancy Ajram riots.

    If I’m right, do I get a prize?

  4. Stroobia says:

    We have plenty of these in Lebanon…

    In my post au zoo ! (french) I want to put the most dangerous of them in a zoo…

  5. Joker says:

    Is it just me, or does the picture have a striking resemblence to a sitting chairman of parliment, whom I shall not name?

  6. Um Mohammed says:

    The guy from Denmark who made depicting Prophet Mohammed PBUH, Bush’s (both junior and senior), Barak, & I will think of some more

  7. Loki says:

    Drummers and .Net programmers?

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