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8 Aug, '08

Notice that the word “Phone” does not have an “i” in front of it? If you did then well done, because I just came back from Geant where I bought the new Sony Ericsson C902i, thank you very much!

Reason? It’s unlocked and I’m not beholden to anyone. It’s got some nice features, the most important of which is a good quality camera which is supposed to be 5 mega pixels, but I don’t believe that it’s that good by comparing a few pictures I have already snapped with it.

My new acquisition to celebrate 888... well, that\'s my excuse and I\'m sticking to it!

My new acquisition to celebrate 888... well, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

It being new, iSync didn’t like it, so I had to pay UK£1.50 to buy a plugin to enable iSynch from and a few minutes later it was up and running while singing and all dancing. I do find that the addressbook and responsiveness of the phone generally after syncing my calendar and addressbook a bit slow, which too is disappointing.

The form factor of the phone (more than half the thickness of my older K800i) is a pleasure, but as my mitts are not so used to it yet, it did almost drop out of them a couple of times. Another gripe is the oddly shaped buttons, chopped and sloping downward which makes the contact a bit awry.

Yes there are quite a number of gripes so far, true, but still much better than the iPhone by miles simply because it is sold everywhere without having to disclose your most intimate details together with convert to another religion to be able to own one!

Happy 888!

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  1. Loki says:

    Mabrook! Enjoy.

    I can’t do SE anymore my last 3 phones from there have been major disappointments. iPhone is the best phone i’ve used since the P800.

    What do you mean by having to disclose intimate details??

  2. mahmood says:

    To purchase and activate iPhone 3G, you need the following:*

    * Credit card
    * Social security number
    * Valid government-issued photo ID
    * Current wireless account number and password or PIN (if you’re new to AT&T)

    All just to buy a phone?

  3. Anonny says:

    To purchase and activate iPhone 3G, you need the following:*

    * Credit card
    * Social security number
    * Valid government-issued photo ID
    * Current wireless account number and password or PIN (if you’re new to AT&T)

    All just to buy a phone?

    If this is how they are going, then screw ’em.

    But then it’s all going that way, isn’t it? Cards get smarter and smarter and before we know it it’ll be a cashless world and every entity we buy rice from will know our blood pressure and genital dimensions better than we do.

    You did the right thing, Mahmood.

  4. Ehsan says:

    I have to agree with Loki on that the iPhone is the best phone I’ve ever used. Having used it for many months, I can’t imagine using anything else afterwards except another iphone. I’ve just updated to 2.0. Push email+activesync and the tons of appstore applications have made it perfect.

    I’m usually against Apple due to the fanboy culture they foster, but I’d like to point out that the requirements you listed are to open an AT&T account – because you can’t just buy the phone without AT&T services. You have to hand over the same documents to get a mobile from any carrier in the states.

    You can get unlocked iphones (no documents required.. just lots of cash) from Hong Kong or Italy, as they sell them legally without a carrier lock. Prices are through the roof at the moment, but once it’s settled down I highly urge you to pick one up from ebay.

  5. mahmood says:

    So the original iPhone is essentially just as good (as 3G)? How much are those going for now and are they still available? What’s the recommendation on that front?

  6. Ehsan says:

    Yeah I’d go with the original over the 3G. The two main additions in the new model (3G data and GPS) I would say are not useful in Bahrain.

    The original 16GB is going for around $600 on ebay. It can be easily unlocked using Pwnage Tool. The 3G cannot be unlocked yet.

  7. Sam says:

    Ehsan I agree – and here’s why – I believe the version 2.0 firmware upgrade has far more to offer feature wise compared to 3G/GPS capability of the current model, even more so in this part of the world where 3G is still embryonic with regards to bandwidth, throughput, & cost.

    I wouldn’t snuff the EDGE capability of the original iPhone. Push/pull textual based email is fairly easy & quick on the original iPhone, that is, if you’ve set it up correctly.

  8. Cloud says:

    Congrats on the new phone. I myself prefer nokia because of their user friendly menu and looking forward to their E71 ..

  9. Khalifa says:

    Enjoy your phone Mahmood. On a side note, your blog kind of inspired me to launch my own.

    I’ve been blogging since 1999 out in the open but I created a brand new blog not too long ago along the same lines as yours; however it’s about Qatar.

    Check it out and let me know what you think!!

  10. mahmood says:

    Thanks my friend! I wish you much luck and happiness in your continued blogging enterprise!

  11. Ronald says:

    iPhone is rubbish. Is just a gimmick. Nokia E71, on the other hand, is very very good. I would have gotten this phone but the lack of wi-fi broke the deal for me!

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